Since I was a teenager, I have enjoyed reading opinion editorials. A lot of my political ideas were informed by reading both sides of the issue. I even remember firing off an impassioned missive to George Will, when I disagreed with a column he wrote. Last week, I wrote my first op-ed, and submitted it to several newspapers. When they didn’t respond, I submitted the piece to internet sites. The editorial is now on 8 different news/issues websites! It was the Top Story on the American Free Press site! Yippee! Please keep posting it EVERYWHERE, on blogs, yahoogroups, political sites.Consumers and Farmers need to sound the alarm bells about what the Big Dairy lobbyists are doing behind the scenes to stem consumer demand for raw milk.This is something all ends of the political spectrum can get behind! We especially need it posted to liberal sites! Here is a link to the edited version on Newsmax:http://tinyurl.com/3l2bam


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