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They Call us Uber Crunchy!

Here is the Yogurt Fermented Granola I made this week, with a bottle of designer, artisan raw milk produced by Hedgebrook Farms and my cow that is boarded there, Aster!

There is nothing more wholesome and pure than farm fresh milk! Notice the cream that has risen to the top, it is so yellow! That is all the vitamins and nutrients in the milk butterfat, especially Vitamins A, D & K! The yellow is from the cows eating fresh, green grass. See realmilk.com for more information on the Campaign for Real Milk!


  1. jbmckillip says:

    cool blog, got it from the raw milk group. We also love our raw milk!

  2. I’m excited to have found you…via The Lunchbox Project…we have a share in an organic, grass fed dairy farm locally and LOVE our raw milk & the things we can make from it!

    girlichef’s last blog post..My Secret Identity: Mystery Solving Caterer


  1. […] send her photos from their blogs for her “Lunchbox Project.”  She chose my blog post, They Call Us Uber Crunchy to draw in May. She also linked to realmilk.com.  Thanks, Lisa for helping me spread the word […]

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