Humanely Raised Lamb Served at Presidential Inaugural Balls

Fields of Athenry Farm of Leesburg, Virginia was honored to be a part of yesterday’s Presidential Inauguration celebration.  Their humanely raised, grass fed lamb was chosen by celebrity chef, Alice Waters, to be served at three of the Inaugural Balls.  Alice Waters is owner/chef of Chez Panisse restaurant, a renown fine dining restaurant in California.  She flew in to cater these inaugural events, and chose to source locally!

We don’t know if the President and his wife were able to taste the delicious lamb, but isn’t it wonderful for the cause of sustainable farming, that this special farm was chosen as a supplier?

ho_babylambsThe owners of Fields of Athenry, Bradley and Elaine Boland, started with a 32 acre farm, and now they have grown to the point where they are farming  500 acres!  Their daughters (pictured holding two baby lambs) help with the work on the farm, which is truly a family enterprise.

The family is opening their farm store just now, and all future sales will be made directly to customers from their farm.   In addition to selling their meats, farmer Elaine also sells wonderful prepared foods with ingredients from the farm.

They also are willing to do field trips to the farm for school children, and host events, lectures and meetings on the farm for outside groups.  This family hasn’t always been farmers, they moved to the country and started their farm from scratch, learning as the went.  If you are interested in homesteading or moving toward a family farm, I am sure they would love to tell you more about how they have accomplished a successful sustainable farm.

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  1. That’s great! You gotta love Alice Waters.


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