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The Woodstock Sentinel Review ran an opinion editorial that I wrote in reference to the Michael Schmidt trial.  Michael is an honest, reputable farmer who is being treated like a criminal for producing the world’s safest most nutritious food, grass-fed raw dairy.  The milk monopoly in Canada is afraid of the competition from this tiny little traditional farm.

I am soliciting from my readers, other Letters to the Editor to send to newspapers in Canada.  I have a good list of papers covering this case.  Turning the tide of public opinion may help the judge see another side of the story! See the one that also got published along with my op-ed, below.

Cow Boarding — a CSA for Dairy Farmers

Letter to the Editor

Send your letter to the editor, along with your name, address and phone number to me by email.  See the Contact button on the menu bar at the top of this blog.

Check out my other articles about this case in my News Clips section.

See also, a New York Times reporter has blogged about the Schmidt case:

New York Times Green Blog

Visit realmilk.com to learn more about the milk controversy and the health benefits of natural, farm fresh milk.  Make up your own mind by doing your homework. It may change your life, forever!

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