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Michael Schmidt Case is Natural News!

Beautiful Dairy Cows on Pasture

Beautiful Dairy Cows on Pasture

The Michael Schmidt trial going on in Canada is the Scopes Monkey Trial of the Raw Milk Movement.  The outcome of this trial, should Schmidt win, will pave the way for a legitimate place for raw milk in the Canadian food supply.

It will also help American raw dairy farmers by providing case law (albeit from another country) that they can reference in their battle against punitive laws in our country that keep raw dairy’s light hidden under a bushel basket.  Laws that control how much raw milk can be sold, laws that forbid advertising, restrictive coliform limits, permitting laws, outright bans of the sale of raw milk or ancillary products, these  are all hindering commerce.

Our US and Canadian economies wouldn’t be in such bad shape, if the government would allow the blossoming of food freedom.   Currently, we are squelching the demand and hindering the growth of small farms who wish to meet consumer demand.  These sustainable, traditional farms are incubating small businesses.  But instead of hatching these chicks, unwitting bureaucrats are going into the barnyard with big boots and stomping these fertile eggs.  They are operating on 50 year old science and their familiarity with the output of conventional factory production (which is indeed unsafe, unless heat treated to destroy pathogens).  They do not understand that these traditional farming methods which have largely fallen into disuse, hold great promise for food safety, as well as, for rebuilding a vibrant, local farm economy!

Check out this article in Natural News!

I am also collecting Letters to Canadian Editors.  Please contact me and email me your letter, 200-300 words in support of Michael Schmidt.  You must include your contact info, name, address and phone #.  Keep the tone of your letter respectful and positive.  We want to win them over, they know not what they do.  See Contact info on my menu bar, above.

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