Get Ready for a Food Fight!


We’re Grownups Now and Still Having Food Fights!

Back in college days, you knew a food fight was coming, when all the boys started banging on the tables, softly, rhythmically. It became a low rumble that got louder and louder (like an earthquake), until a crescendo, and then the tables were tipped over and food started flying. It is a little like the sustainable food movement, what started out as a low rumble (and grumble) is going to set off tremors in our food system, reach a crescendo, and then explode into the mainstream. You know we are getting close to the tipping point, when filmmakers, songwriters, actors (most notably, Martin Sheen) and artists start to join the din.

DC Film Fest to Screen Food Documentary

The 2009 DC Independent Film Festival will launch a food and film category. The anchoring feature will be a documentary called FOOD FIGHT.

No, it’s not a film based on Dan Imhoff’s citizen’s guide to the Farm Bill. It IS a lively romp through America’s food system.

See Film Trailer about this New Documentary:

Your Chance to Meet the Filmmaker

Film Director Chris Taylor will be in DC for Screening and Reception

Director Chris Taylor deploys his directorial talent to tell the tale of
America’s food policy and food culture of the 20th century. Brilliantly
paced, Food Fight has won a series of awards including Audience Award
(International Documentary Association), Best Documentary (INDIE Fest,
Los Angeles) and Best in Show (HD Fest, Los Angeles). Initial screening
was a sell out crowd in AFI Los Angeles. This will be inaugural
screening in Washington DC area.

The screening will be March 7, at 7 PM. Group tickets for our meetup group will be $6.00/ per ticket (which includes paypal fees, etc.).

RSVP’s to this event must be firm, and we will be collecting your money online, through the meetup site.

Slow Foods DC is also promoting this event, so this will be a great opportunity to mingle with other foodies!

More details to follow, including the venue.

Chris will be with us – and we hope to have a reception with him prior to the screening. He’s eager to meet people in the Washington area interested in changing
the food system–

Join our Northern Virginia Whole Foods Nutrition meetup group to RSVP get the group rate.

NOTE from Chris Taylor:  In addition to Washington DC, we are at the Omaha Film Festival Thursday Feb 26, at 6:30pm, and the San Luis Obispo Film Festival March 12th. We are also playing as part of the Greenfest Environmental Festival at the end of March in Seattle. That will be a very special screening with a panel and a food event hosted by one of the stars of the movie.
We will have other big news to announce in the near future about theatrical screenings across the country.
Our website is

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