FDA Inconsistent on Food Safety Issues

FDA Inconsistencies Disturb Blog Reader

Letter from a blog reader:

I’ve been reading various blog entries about recent raw milk symposia. the FDA claims that they are only worried about “food safety” for the consumer.

This is a complete disconnect. I’ve just finished the book “diagnosis: mercury” by Jane M. Hightower MD.  In it she details her search for information about mercury poisoning after discovering patients who were affected from eating large amounts of fish (large fish, tuna and swordfish) in her practice in San Francisco.   The EPA, which regulates non-commercial fishing, has a very low threshold for mercury contamination. The FDA, however, sides with the fishing and energy industries and allows far too much mercury to be in fish, enough to cause poisoning in people who eat large amounts of fish, and they won’t warn consumers (except pregnant women) that there could be a danger for fear that it could cause a panic and decrease fish consumption.  Where, oh where is that claim of food safety that they roll out when it comes to raw milk????

Rita G.

Pittsburgh, PA

Weston A. Price Member and Semi-retired pediatrician

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  1. your question is genuine,FDA should warn people about this,its no good that just for business you risk people lives.Sea food has a great consumption but if its injurious to health then people must think about it.

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