Exercise at Your Own Risk

Check out this hilarious YouTube cartoon, my client, Dr. Chalid Ashry, founder of the BALANCE program showed it to me, and I just had to share it with you. Don’t watch it in your office cubicle because this will produce belly laughs, I assure you!

Upcoming March 31 Blog Carnival Calls for Exercise Ideas

I am sitting here icing my knees after limping upstairs to my home office. We have just spent our daily hour at the gym. My inner thighs are still sore from Monday’s workout, and today I burned up my calves on the calf raising machine. Ouch! Fitness HURTS!

But, my husband’s parting words to me this morning were, “Honey, you are looking great!” So, sometimes the pain you go through pays off! A frequent commenter on this blog, Tech Whiz, said to me yesterday he loves the Hartkeisonline.com Universal Health Care PlanUniversally We All Need to Take Better Care of Ourselves.  Nobody, including the government is going to do a better job.

There is a guy named Chuck at our gym.  When he first started working out there a year ago, he was wearing an oxygen back pack.  I admired his stick-to-it attitude, he was in there every morning it seemed. Today, he comes to the gym sans oxygen.  He broke free of it, through exercise!

Sharon W., started the BALANCE diabetes lifestyle program with several other friends.  I see her at the gym most every morning.  Her friends have already dropped out of the program.  But Sharon perseveres, and now is down one pant size.  Her diligence is already paying off!

On March 31, our Natural Cures Blog Carnival will focus on Exercise. Whether you are actively pursuing your fitness goals or only wish you were, I’d like to have you play ball with us that day.  Let us know what is working for you, what it is gonna take to kick you into gear, your favorite form of exercise or sports! Post photos of yourself doing your favorite exercise, or ask others for help to find the motivation you are lacking.  Let’s all work toward wellness through physical fitness!

Our new President, Barack Obama should be an inspiration to us all. His fit and trim physique is the ideal. Let’s go for the gold in our physical self.  Don’t settle for the middle age bulge.  You can do better!

I will leave you with a parting shot:


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