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Food, Inc. A Must See Movie

Food, Inc. Poster

Food, Inc. Poster

Last night, to celebrate my husband’s birthday, we went to the movies! Keith and I packed our homemade popcorn (movie theatre popcorn is made with transfats, YUCK) and headed over to Landmark Theatres in Bethesda, MD to see Food, Inc. Wow, is all I have to say. And, everyone in America needs to see this film. It is an eye opening film, and even a seasoned “food activist” like myself was not prepared for some of the images in the film. At points, I was choking on my popcorn, because of the shocking images of animal cruelty. Luckily, they were few.

And, I learned a lot that I didn’t know about how our food system is currently working. Or, NOT working, as the case may be. I was surprised to learn, for instance, that our conventional chicken farmers are in a servant role to mega corporations. They take enormous personal risk, but have zilch control over their farming operations. They don’t even own the chickens. All they are is growers for a bigger entity. They are given the chickens, the feed and strict orders.   And, America’s factory farmed chickens never see daylight their entire life span. They are even harvested at night. One farmer in the film, lost her contract because she refused to deny her chicken’s sunlight.

I learned of Veggie Libel Laws that made it possible for Oprah to be sued for saying she was reluctant to eat a hamburger. This is important for bloggers to be aware of, because we are sharing our opinions about food. Can we be sued for our speech?  Apparently so.

The bullying corporations that abuse farm workers, sue farmers, and practice cruel animal husbandry all refused to be interviewed for the film.  Hopefully, public awareness will be  the catalyst for big changes in the way they do things.  Changes that respect human life, American liberties and our animals raised for food.

Joel Salatin and Polyface Farm were used as a model of what our food system could look like. Small, local, low-tech. My only wish was that their had been a  narrator to let the audience know who Joel is and how influential he is in the farming community. Keith and I have met a farm family in Florida that had attended Joel’s seminars. So Joel is spreading his model by training many, many others how to duplicate it.  That was not clear from the film (unless it was in the first few minutes, we missed the beginning).

As for me and my husband, we left the movie went and had dinner at a restaurant that served grass-fed beef from a sustainable ranch.  And, we will continue to spend our money on high quality, locally raised meats from farmers we know and trust. To find out where to buy humanely raised meats, contact your local Weston A. Price Chapter leader.

The film is a must see. It is the manifesto for all of us who care about what is going on. And a wake up call for the rest, who will care more about where their food comes from after seeing this movie. Visit the Food, Inc website here, and below is the trailer.

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  1. If there was such a thing as home ec being taught in schools, wouldn’t this be a great addition to the curriculum? I have added it to our homeschool plan and recommend it to everyone I can. I think the message that people can make a difference three times a day is one that really needs hammering. We don’t need to feel helpless in light of the mess we’re in. We CAN make a difference.
    .-= Local Nourishment´s last blog ..Cold stuff for hot days =-.

  2. I believe that positive changes have begun and small farmers, workers and animals will be supported with the Obama administration.
    I suspect the dictocrats are feeling threatened because they have created a website dedicated to counteract ‘Food Inc.’; safefoodinc.org

  3. “I believe that positive changes have begun and small farmers, workers and animals will be supported with the Obama administration.”

    Dear Laura,
    Were you born yesterday? Are you at all familiar with HR 2749, the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009? Or how about NAIS?
    Sorry, Laura, Obama isn’t going to make it all better. In fact, he is going to make it worse at a faster clip. You had better wake up and realize you have to watch him even closer than other politicians. Because there is nobody to stop him except you.

  4. I am aware. Nice; attack a person who has the same hope for the future of food and farms as you! 🙁 There are two sides to every coin:) Obamafoodorama.org

  5. Laura,
    I give you the reality of the laws that the Obama administration is passing and you give me a link that describes his eating habits?

    I really don’t need you to inform me that Obama likes to eat expensive food, I’ve already read about his love of Wagyu steaks.

    The reality is that he eats like a king and you get HR 2749.

  6. There are also articles which show awareness and support for local food economies, food justice; supporting local and smaller food producers(!); reducing diet-related disease; getting more fresh and nutritious foods into the USDA’s Child Nutrition programs; encouraging urban and community gardening.

  7. I have been recalling lately with my mother about when I was little we use to live in the St. Louis city and every evening there would be this horrific smell coming from the Monsanto Plant. I am horrified to find out as an adult that they not only make pesticides killing our environment, but they also made agent orange that kills people. I have been an activist about GMO’s for over a decade now and I continue to fight for earthly nature. No taintment to this rock.

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