Food Chain Radio Interviews Pete Kennedy on HR2749

Creative Commons License photo credit: Nite_Owl

by Michael Olson of METROFARM.COM

The Federal government intends to make all food safe with HR 2749, the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009.  This legislation leads us to ask…

For whom does the government want to make food safe?

My show, Food Chain Radio hosts Peter Kennedy from the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund and Tami Wahl from the American Association of Health Freedom for a conversation about the consolidation of government power along the food chain.

To hear the show on your radio, computer or IPOD, click  here and scroll down and click  on the “Listen Now” for episode #643.(A sponsor of HR 2749, Representative Henry Waxman D-CA, was also invited to participate, but declined.)

Topics include a look at the new rules and regulations 2749 will place on family-scale agriculture; what impact those rules will have on the nation’s food chain; and whether only industrial-scaled producers of processed foods will be able to survive 2749.


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