How to Cut the Cost of Healthcare

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My Recommendations for Improving Our Nation’s Health

by Janice Curtin, WAPF Volunteer Chapter Leader, Alexandria, Virginia

If we had good health, we would not need care! My philosophy is that good health is dependent on what we put in our mouths, how we digest and metabolize it, and our ability to avoid toxins. Addressing these issues is real prevention!

1. Get drug ads off television again. Leave this subject to the doctor and patient. That should reduce use of a lot of dangerous, expensive and useless drugs. It would also mean the media would not be “owned” by Big Pharma and would be free to air stories on the root cause of health and natural remedies.

2. Retain our right to sue for bad care or vaccine injury. Pharma would then have to make safer drugs and vaccines, resulting in less injury and illness.

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3. Change the Farm program to quit subsidizing corn and wheat and soy beans, foods that make us fat and ill. It’s really just a subsidy to agribusiness anyway.

4. Change the food pyramid to Sally Fallon’s (Weston A Price Foundation) idea of the four food groups. This would reduce the recommendation to consume a lot of grain, which makes people gain weight and recommend healthful natural fats again.

5. Offer a cheap, high deductible health insurance option — $2500, $5000, 10,000 deductible. With the money you save monthly, you can put away the 5-10,000 for emergencies.

6. Educate people about how to care for themselves and their kids. Read “How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of your Doctor” by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.

7. Reduce or get rid of vaccines. Educate people and make vaccines optional.

8. Reduce x-rays and scans that are dangerous.

9. Get mercury out of people’s mouths.

10. Get fluoride and chlorine out of our water. Free clean drinking water should be free to all.

11. Ban industrial bread and cereals. Enforce our food laws that ban adulterated and imitation foods or label them as such. Label foods grown with pesticides.

12. Ban dyes, chemical additives and addictive additives.

13. Change school lunch to real food properly prepared.

14. Require that Weston Price’s research be taught in school. I just re-read the findings about people in Switzerland… no police needed…. no depression, no need to lock doors.

15. Pass health freedom legislation so people can use less expensive options that heal the root cause of illness. Treat all forms of medicine and healing equally. Quit making allopathic drug medicine the only accepted form of care in America.

16. Help people obtain catastrophic health insurance so they do not lose their homes and jobs if they are in an accident or get a serious disease.

17. Educate people about the work of Dr. Weston A. Price. People would learn how to eat so their children have straight teeth and good bone structure. It would save them a lot of money on orthodontics. For two children it would be about $10-12,000 at least. They can use this savings to pay for their catastrophic insurance.

18. Educate people about the importance of eating all dairy products raw or fermented and all grains soaked. Extruded factory processed breakfast cereals are toxic. These two things would dramatically reduce illness.

Janice Curtain

Janice Curtain

Janice Curtin is a long-time member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and the Price-Pottenger Foundation.  Janice’s  philosophy is that to have good health and reduced health costs we must eat nutrient  dense farm food, digest and metabolize it well, and avoid toxins.   Our nutrition determines how our genes express.She grew up on an Iowa farm on a diet of real farm food and raw milk. She has a degree in Education from the University of Northern Iowa and a masters degree in Liberal Studies from Georgetown University.  She has worked in Legislative Affairs on Capitol Hill and at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  She is a WAPF chapter leader, coordinates nutrition talks, and maintains a drop site at her home for over forty families to obtain nutrient dense farm food.  She also works with a TBM practitioner  (Total Body Modification) who uses a whole body approach to healing.


  1. Amen, Amen! And add #19 – educate people about the serious dangers of Genetically Modified Foods and mandate that they be clearly labeled so nobody is forced to eat them out because they are uninformed. And #20 Ban all GMO food from school lunch programs and WIC programs that receive federal funding!
    .-= Cathy Payne´s last blog ..ONL050 In Defense of Omnivores =-.

  2. Ahhh, the stuff dreams are made of!! 🙂
    .-= Lindsey´s last blog ..Prioritizing in the vast realm of Real Food, Intro =-.

  3. Kimberly Hartke says:

    I know, my husband’s reaction is “how do we get this from fantasy to reality?”

    I feel the same way! Someone on facebook said, “finally someone with some common sense!”

    Thanks, Janice!

    Everyone, send this to your elected representative. Give them some food for thought!

  4. She left out a very important one: Make breastfeeding the norm. Stop formula companies from giving out samples in hospitals and sending them in the mail. Encourage all mothers to breastfeed for as long as possible and provide ample support for breastfeeding in all hospitals and clinics. Take formula ads out of parenting magazines and make soy formula available by prescription only.
    .-= Stephanie Rivers´s last blog ..Sprouted Spelt Granola Waffles =-.

  5. David Montane says:

    My family is on a $5,000 deductible plan which is somewhat lower in cost than previous plans we’ve had. The big advantage, though, is the Health Savings Account (HSA) that we are allowed to have with that plan, where we not only get to choose where our healthcare money goes, but also, the money we don’t spend is still ours at the end of each year and we can earn interest on it. I am earnestly hoping that this workable solution to our healthcare, which gives us individual responsibility without government control, is not ended or degraded by whatever Congress and the President agree to. And I hope I won’t be required to involuntarily pay for others’ healthcare in addition to my family’s. I have no control over what other people eat and drink, or to which doctors and hospitals they go.

  6. Kimberly Hartke says:

    David, we have the same and love it. When I went to the health reform town hall not one mention was made of HSA and high deductible insurance. I did hear that they will take 2.5% of our income if we refuse the government plan. That will make our health care go up, if the gov’t plan doesn’t include HSA and high deductible insurance. Boy will that stink!

  7. cheryl hadden says:

    Another good way to cut the cost of health care is to ban doctors from prescribing drugs that treat one disease and cause another to start.
    What kind of sense does it make to give someone something that is only going to cause more problems later? then prescribe more medication to fix the second problem that will also cause more problems?
    No drug should be used that causes more illness than it treats.
    If you listen to the drug commercials the side effects listed are usually worse than the disease the medication is supposed to treat!
    That is just not right or sane!
    You take a nasal spray to open your sinuses and that gives you pneumonia, sinus infections, stroke, and/or high blood pressure.
    Or a man takes Viagra and it makes him blind and deaf in one ear!
    You’re given medication to calm your nerves and instead it makes you suicidal, homicidal, paranoid and subject to sudden death liver and kidney failure.
    Your pain killer will destroy your bladder, kidneys and make you an addict before it kills you!
    That ADHD drug wil stop your kid from being hyper but it stunts his growth, causes sudden heart failure and will have him addicted to a drug that is chemically the same as crystal meth!
    Think about it, doctors are allowed to give children medications recommended by his/her teacher that will cause a child to just SUDDENLY DROP DEAD!
    And parents and doctors are passing these out without testing to see if the child needs it or if there isn’t another option!
    My favorite examples are cancer drugs which cause more cancer in other parts of the body, like the ones used for breast cancer.
    Truly situations where you’d be better off never being treated!
    This is insanity, pure and simple. And the patient pays for all of it, the good and the bad, insured or not insured.
    Pay for the doctor visit, pay for the prescriptions, then pay for the ER, pay for the hospital stay and pay for the following doctor visits and more prescriptions.
    And the cycle goes on and on.
    So many thousands of people are on pain killers that destroy the kidneys that the dialysis business is booming and they expect another 65,000 more patients next year and even larger numbers the year after.
    It should be a whole new disease category, Drug induced Diseases.
    Hundreds of new dialysis clinics are opening to meet the demand.
    They don’t expect to catch up, so they are working on helping ERSD patients, (End Stage Renal Disease) to be able to have dialysis at home.
    Kidney transplants aren’t being pushed because they don’t expect to have many healthy kidneys in the future to transplant.
    Medications are supposed to help you, not harm you.
    It’s supposed to treat a disease, not cause more disease.

  8. janice Curtin says:

    Thank you all for your comments—very good ideas.
    I had a couple other thoughts recently:
    –Ban antibiotics in animal feed. There are bills introduced to do this. Antibiotics are used to help animals grow fast,but are causing antibiotic resistant bacteria in humans. The Wash. Post said this week that 70 % of antibiotics produced go to animals., so you know how far that will bill will go….nowhere, as it will cut Big Pharmas profits.
    –Enforce our clean water act. The New York Times last Sunday had a cover story on the rampant violations and severe health problems from the metals in water, including arsenic, lead, mercury…..They are destroying teeth, causing sores on the body, and pain in the skin…and I am sure much worse illness down the road. Children were suffering and having teeth capped.

    We have very expensive health insurance through my husbands firm, but rarely use it. We did need it once when he cut his hand badly and needed surgery. But we are never ill anymore since changing to alternative medicine. Drug type medicine just never worked or made things, such as allergies, worse.
    Now I am allergy free and never even get a oold.
    Janice Curtin


    I had eye surgery and in the post-op pack was MAXIDEX(dexamethasone) drops by ALCON ABS.

    Two days later I was BLIND

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    Or call 800-757-9195

  10. Jonathan Holden says:

    Uhhhh… cathy GMO’s are not harmful to your body as you suggest infact they are better for everyone bacuase it increased productivity, reduces pesticides used to make food… over all better for the environment as a whole and for humans… though it is more expencive for poor countries to buy initially which is a problem, it will lead to more and more productivity and less hunger as well as more health eating as more healthy food becomes available to people with strict budgets that do not allow for high priced food… before you say something you should reseach it and stop spreading fear of a perfectly good product and scientific advances.

  11. Uhhh…Jonathan – perhaps you are the one who needs to do a little more research. There is much information out there that will directly refute your statements and it is based upon independent scientific research – not from Monsanto’s own inner sanctum.


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