“Drugless Doctor” to Promote WAPF Dietary Guidelines in Web Seminar

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Childrens Health and Supplements FREE Webcast

Tune in today, at lunchtime, 12:05pm! Or, check out the show in Dr. Bob’s archives, if you miss today’s broadcast.

The natural health doctor who helped Bobbie overcome her soy overload contacted us to invite you to attend a free video webinar, today, on Children’s Health and Supplementation. He plans to promote the WAPF Dietary guidelines!

Here is the agenda:

•    Pre Birth what should the parents do? Mom and Dad
•    What about the delivery?  What type?  C-Section!  Always check for subluxation.
•    Should you vaccinate?  Do you have to?
•    What about breast versus bottle feeding?  www.WestonAPrice.org?
•    What food should you start with?  What about GRAINS?
•    Let’s talk about processed foods.
•    Teething and FEVERS
•    Growing pains
•    Walkers
•    Playing whole body versus hands only.  Bend over.
•    Reading to your children
•    How much TV
•    What about FAST FOOD?
•    What should they make for their school lunch?
•    Gymnastics, soccer, cheerleading, football
•    Spending time
•    Single parents and time
•    What supplements; calcium, Agrisept-L, Multiple vitamin
•    Peppermint Leaf for digestion
•    Common childhood sicknesses
•    1.  Asthma
•    2.  Digestive Distress
•    3.  Headaches
•    4.  Colon issues
•    5.  Exercising
•    6.  Stress
•    7.  Joint pain
•    8.  Subluxations effect the whole body
•    9.  Poison Ivy

Here is the direct link to the webcast:


Why not do lunch in front of your computer today, and learn what this “Drugless Doctor” has learned about children’s health! See also, today’s Q&A with WAPF President, Sally Fallon Morell on Supplements.

Dr. Bob DeMaria, The "Drugless Doctor"

Dr. Bob DeMaria, The "Drugless Doctor"

Robert F. DeMaria DC, NHD has two websites  www.druglessdoctor.com and www.NorthCoastChiro.net.  He  blogs daily.  Robert is based in Ohio, and is available to speak to your business or organization.  Ask how you can host a LIVE  web-casted  WORKSHOP for your church, business or organization.


  1. Kimberly Hartke says:

    From Dr. Bob–Thank you for the post, we had some technical challenges we will be LIVE on Thursday at 6:10 ET. Dr.Bob

    I have a feeling you guys swamped his switchboard! Wow!

  2. I’m trying to view this webinar “Children’s Health & Supplements” but the direct link doesn’t take me to it (just to Dr. Bob’s site). Could you let me know how I can see this?

    Thanks in advance!


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