Farmer Girls Create Green Business: Farmers Online Market

New Green Business Idea Growing in Rural Virginia

New Green Business Idea Growing in Rural Virginia

Virginians Find Groceries in Cyberspace

By Guest Bloggers, Deborah Williamson & Deanna Child, Farmer Girls, LLC

How can you easily find nutrient-dense food, support your local economy, have delicious food choices, help control global warming, promote food-safety, spend less time grocery shopping, protect small farming, and build community?

Farmer Girls, LLC has made it simple to be this good by creating an online farmers’ market, which brings fresh local food to savvy local people.  At you may read about the farmers you are purchasing from and learn about their healthy and natural methods of raising food and livestock.

Outstanding in a New Field: Online Farmers Market

Outstanding in a New Field: Online Farmers Market

You can feel confident the food is truly local, brought to our market from nearby farms.  By buying locally you can help put an end to the statistic that the average bite of food travels 1,500 miles to your mouth.  Small farms, such as we have in Virginia, can deliver quality and healthfulness that is rarely found in larger factory farms.  Keep your food tax dollars right where they belong—in your community!  And best of all—eat the best tasting, most nutritious food available to you all at reasonable prices.

By shopping online early in the week and picking up your groceries later in the week you can help save the world, one grocery bag full at a time.

Our geographic area is about 40 miles out for farmers and customers can come from wherever they choose for pick-up at Vint Hill, Virginia right now.  Other hub-sites coming soon.

Deborah Williamson & Deanna Child are the online purveyors of farm fresh produce in Virginia. Their company is called, Farmer Girls, LLC.

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