Are You Gluten Intolerant? Could That Be Why You Aren’t Feeling Good?

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How Do You Know If You Are Gluten Intolerant?

by Elaine Fawcett, Nutritional Therapist

There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of symptoms of gluten intolerance few of which are gastrointestinal related. My rule of thumb is if you have a chronic health problem of any sort, you need to rule out gluten intolerance. If you have an autoimmune disease of any sort, but especially if it’s Hashimoto’s, then you need to remove gluten, and possibly casein, from your diet. In my personal experience I have seen gluten intolerance cause problems with the skin, lungs, joints, digestion, brain and behavior, growth in children, and nutritional deficiencies (especially calcium and iron). That said, here is a list of symptoms related to gluten intolerance from

The most common symptoms of celiac disease include:

* Fatigue
* Addison’s disease
* Gastrointestinal distress (gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, reflux)
* Headaches (including migraines)
* Infertility
* Mouth sores
* Weight loss/gain
* Inability to concentrate
* Moodiness/depression

To read the rest of this article, follow this link to it on NTP Talk, the website for Nutritional Therapists and health minded folks!

Gluten Intolerance Tuesday!

Gluten Intolerance Tuesday!

Today is Natural Cures blog carnival on Hartke is Online!

Please submit gluten free recipes, great websites and blogs on this subject, links to articles, personal testimonies about gluten intolerance, advice on transitioning to a gluten free diet. Anything on this topic will be welcome, either send a URL link to my email kim.hartke at, or post in the comments below.

Here is my contribution, the DCgluties blog done by a few women in my area who have had great success going gluten free!

Ellen Kittredge offers these helpful links:

Here’s a few resources for you that I share with my clients. Hope this helps! – pre-made GF products as well as cooking and baking mixes – great online resource for GF recipes – great online resource for GF recipes – more GF recipes – Resource for GF Grocery Shopping Guide with an extensive list of products, and GF Dining Out cards that you can use when eating out.

Carrie of Thrifty Organic blog submits How to Transition a Child to a Gluten Free, Sugar Free Diet.

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  1. Our favorite gluten free pizza recipe!
    .-= Donielle @ Naturally Knocked Up´s last blog ..Menu Plan: Nov. 8 =-.

  2. janice Curtin says:

    I work with a TBM practitioner who clears allergies to just about anything, including gluten. She has found that most people who have gluten intolerance have a deeper problem causing it. This is usually toxins, such as mercury, silver, aluminum, vaccines,chemicals,pesticides,and herbicides…These are the ones she finds the most frequently. Two ways to test and get rid of these are: 1- go to and find a practitioner or go to and find a doctor with the Asyra scan… It can energetically scan the body in 4 minutes for thousands of causes of any illness. The computer provides homeopathic remedies just for you. Costs about $35.. In the Wash, DC area you can go to for info on this scan. These two things have improved my health greatly. In years past,I could not eat wheat at all, without itching, headaches, bloating, and sinus problems. Also find info at on TBM in the DC area.
    Janice Curtin, Alexandria, VA

  3. We’re doing GAPS right now, so I’m posting a lot of gluten free. My daughter is casein free as well. I ‘cheated’ on GAPS about a week ago and I was surprised at how bad I felt! Bloated, racing pulse. It was surprising, since I thought I was doing fine with soaked wheat earlier.
    .-= Cara @ Health Home and Happiness´s last blog ..Easy lunch: Meatballs and cooked apples =-.

  4. Margie Hasley, TBM practitioner sent this comment. While those with a gluten problem will need treatment, no one should ever eat grains that are not soaked, sprouted, or fermented. Wise people in early cultures knew that. Remember our pioneers who kept their sourdough starter warn to bake bread.
    All grains contain phytates, which can block nutrient absorption, and cause serious nutrient deficiencies. Soaking breaks down nutrient inhibitors, gluten, and neutralizes phytates. We have had clients whose depression and adrenal/thyroid problems were related to unsoaked grains, along with toxins.

    Heres a recipe:
    Sprouted Spelt Pancakes
    1 cup sprouted spelt flour
    1/4 t salt
    1 T baking powder
    Mix and Add:
    2 T maple syrup or sugar
    1 egg
    2 T melted butter
    1/4 c yoghurt
    3/4 c water
    1 t vanilla
    1/2 t cinnamon
    Fry in coconut butter and serve with butter and a touch of maple syrup. 4-6
    Margie Hasley, Alexandria, VA

  5. I developed a fantastic gluten free pie crust for Whole Foods. Check it out here:

  6. Gluten-intolerance interrupts one’s digestive and bowel system. So, this will affect most of your bodily processes and even your mood as what is stated in the article. this affects women the most.


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