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Artist Has Plans to Build a Bicycle Butter Churn

Is the Necessity of Bringing Back Butter, the Mother of This Invention?

Is the Necessity of Bringing Back Butter, the Mother of This Invention?

Inventor’s Bring Back Butter Campaign is Low Tech, High Touch

Artist Tim Eads

Artist Tim Eads

Philadelphia Artist Tim Eads is fundraising for an unusual art project–a pedal pushing cream whipper that will produce butter and make toast to go along with it. Tim is a self confessed tinkerer, and says he often gets bored so he seeks out challenges, that, by his own admission often lead to failure and humiliation. Let’s hope his Bicycle Butter Churn is not one of those!

For what he is dubbing, “the Bring Back Butter Campaign,” Tim is teaming up with the Kickstarter website which calls itself “a great way to invest in culinary ideas,” to help raise funds for his project.

Score a Butter Tote!

Score a Butter Tote!

Tim is offering incentives to donate, such as stickers, butter T-shirts and butter shopping tote bags (for the farmer’s market, natch). Here is their recent blog post about how Tim got the idea to build a Bicycle Butter Churn. Once the bike is built, Tim plans to actively engage the public in bringing back butter. He will bring the device to public places and art openings, and ask people to take turns pedaling. In about an hour, butter will be ready and the toaster will turn on.

The gathering crowd will then experience his project through their taste buds, as they savor the flavor of warm toast and butter. Tim hopes that this encounter with real butter will bring this foodstuff back into favor, after years of bad press, and heavy marketing of alternatives.

I love this idea, because it combines exercise with a nutrient-dense food! The primitive populations studied by Weston A. Price did not have modern appliances, and when they made butter it was a purely physical endeavor. So, this non-electric, pedal pushing gadget will give vitality in two ways! Great food and a good workout!

Please visit Tim’s blog to follow this interesting artistic endeavor that promotes the wonders of butter!

http://bringbackbutter.wordpress.com/ To donate toward making Tim’s idea into reality, visit his Bicycle Butter Churn Kickstarter page


  1. Kim, We have to make one of these!



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