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Organic Pastures Toasts Raw Milk with Sally Fallon

Sally and Geoffrey Morell Tour Organic Pastures

Sally and Geoffrey Morell Tour Organic Pastures

Dairy Hosts Weston A. Price Foundation President, Secretary

On November 23, 2009, Sally Fallon Morell, and her husband Geoffrey Morell, both officers of the Weston A. Price Foundation, were honored guests for a private lunch and a farm tour of one of the largest raw milk farms in America. In her first ever visit to Organic Pastures, Sally spoke to around 90 people from all over the state of California.  The raw milk consumers were on hand to meet and greet Sally and dairy farmer, Mark McAfee, and to share a toast of raw milk and cookies.

Local Radio Talk Show host and organic farmer, Tom Willey attended the event, as did raw dairy fan, Mariko, who works as a secretary for a California State Assemblyman. Mariko is a Japanese American who is lactose intolerant, but now drinks raw milk with no problem.

Raw Milk Fans Fly-in

Raw Milk Fans Fly-in

Owner of the dairy, Mark McAfee said it was “an exciting day, thrilled for the chance to meet Sally and Geoffrey, people drove in from all parts of the state. We even had a private plane full of raw milk devotees fly up from Los Angles and land on our farm’s dirt airstrip.” Mark told me that one of the highlights of the day was taking the guests and walking out across his beautiful green pasture to see the cows.

Sally and two other raw milk activists were presented with awards by the dairy. The Raw Milk Revolution Award was given to each of them;  Sally, for her visionary and selfless efforts to improve access to raw dairy foods, Hillori Hansen, a local chef, for her excellent volunteer leadership of the Fresno chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, and Steve Plog, who  according to McAfee, “tirelessly educates others on the health benefits of whole, enzyme rich, bio-diverse foods and who operates the hottest raw milk buyers club in Los Angeles, with explosive growth and overjoyed consumers.”

Mark McAfee is himself, a leader and pioneer in the Raw Milk Revolution. California has upwards of 65,000 raw milk consumers and growing. His is one of the only two raw dairies in the state. Because of his prominence in the dairy industry, he is frequently invited to speak all over North America, and often does media interviews about the success of the raw milk industry in California.

The McAfee's and Sally Fallon Morell

The McAfee's and Sally Fallon Morell

Mark wants everyone in America to know that real, whole foods create wellness. It is Mark’s firm belief that, “Our food is associated with the diseases we have. There is a medical-nutrition disconnect in the U.S. that must be addressed.”

Sally spoke to the gathering about the damage to our food supply that was done by industrialization and corporatization of farming. She explained that the USDA food guidelines are failing to guide U.S. citizens toward good nutrition. Sally also thanked Organic Pastures and other raw dairies for supplying our children with nature’s perfect food.

Congratulations to Mark and his wife, who are now grandparents for the first time! The day after this event their first grandson, Daniel Lapsley McAfee was born.


  1. Woo hoo! How awesome! I’m such a HUGE fan of Organic Pastures. My fridge and freezers are full of their products. I bought 4 gallons of raw milk at the Santa Monica farmer’s market just yesterday.

    I feel so blessed to have access to raw dairy in California. I’m so grateful to Sally and Mark for everything they are doing to make people aware of the benefits of raw milk.

    PS: Kimberly, let’s post copies of these photos up on Flickr!
    .-= Ann Marie @ CHEESESLAVE´s last blog ..Real Food Wednesday: December 2, 2009 =-.

  2. Great blog today. Mc Afee is discussed in detail in David Gumpert’s new book about raw milk and his persistent effort to make raw milk available in California .

  3. Congratulations to Aaron and his wife on their baby.


  4. Thanks for the kind and wonderful thoughts of Sally and Geofs visit to OPDC. It was truly magical.

    David Gumpert and I are up in Minnesota at the Acres conference. The room was filled with 1000 people this evening for my keynote speech….the message was …let food be our medicine and the farmer be the Pharmacist.Take back the American Food Chain and reconnect back to whole complete food and the consumers. This is the greatest stimulus and health care plan we could ever have. And it costs nothing and benefits those at the beginning and end of the food chain. The ones that matter.

    All the best,


  5. Let food be our medicine and the farmer our pharmacist. Brilliant!

  6. Giovanna says:

    I’m a recent convert to raw milk and I’m loving it but from the animal rights perspective, is this the type of farm where cows are allowed to graze on grassy fields of are they confined indoors? I haven’t had much luck finding a straight answer on-line.

  7. Giovanna says:

    I specifically mean Organic Pastures brand.

  8. Kimberly Hartke says:

    Yes, Giovanna, this farmer, Mark McAfee has his cows on pasture and even milks them in the pasture with the mobile milking barn he invented. They are on green grass and having a great life!

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