Max Kane Milk Runner

Young Man Bravely Protects His Farmer Friends

Max Kane goes before a Wisconsin judge on December 21, 2009. His appearance there could really spoil his family’s Christmas holiday. Max Kane is charged with contempt of court for not divulging his source of raw dairy, and a list of those on his delivery route.

This young man has found raw milk to be a therapeutic food for his own Crohn’s disease. Among other changes in diet and lifestyle, it has markedly improved his health. This personal journey has led Max to become involved in efforts to improve access to raw dairy in his community.

If you live anywhere near Wisconsin and can join his supporters on the courthouse steps, please see details on the Weston A. Price Foundation facebook page under the Events tab.

Here is another news story about Max:

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  1. I’m a huge supporter of raw milk and fervently believe that people should have the choice to purchase it and provide it to their families. In fact, I live in WI and am a raw milk drinker and give it to my family. However, even if raw milk were made legal and freely available today, it wouldn’t solve all of Max Kane’s problems. Part of the issue here is that he was taking raw milk over the border to a neighboring state — Illinois — where raw milk is also illegal. This presents another issue entirely which is why the FDA is involved in this case and it goes beyond making raw milk legal in WI. There are laws prohibiting the sale of many things across state lines — even insurance! — which is why this case is more complicated than it may appear at first blush. Max Kane is a brave man and I wish him well in his fight.

  2. Kimberly Hartke says:

    Here is the latest on the Max Kane case from The Complete Patient blog:



  1. […] Max Kane is the operator of a Food Coop called Belles’ Lunchbox in Wisconsin. Through dietary changes, including adding raw milk, Max has overcome the symptoms of Crohn’s disease. Last year, he biked across the U.S. fueling himself with raw milk along the way.  This personal journey has led Max to become involved in efforts to improve access to raw dairy in his community. Max is currently entangled in legal problems of his own, as a result. See my recent blog post, Max Kane Milk Runner. […]

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