Chicago Tribune Covers Prison Soy Lawsuit

Thomas Salonis Wants to Help Prisoners Obtain Soy Free Diet

Thomas Salonis Wants to Help Prisoners Obtain Soy Free Diet

Major Media Outlet Breaks the Story of Toxic Prison Food

Monica Eng of the Chicago Tribune attended the press conference and the Weston A. Price Wise Traditions conference in November 2009. Here is a link to her story about the prison soy lawsuit that WAPF is funding, to warn the public and institutional food providers of the dangers of modern, processed soy foods, particularly, soy protein isolate.

Here is an excerpt from her story:

Soy in Illinois prison diets prompts lawsuit over health effects

Group says plant protein causes problems for inmates

by Monica Eng, Chicago Tribune

Soy-enhanced chili mac, turkey patties with soy, soy-studded country gravy, soy-blend hot dogs, soy-spiked sloppy joes, Polish sausages packed with soy, soy chicken patties.

These aren’t items from the latest vegetarian diet, but rather dishes served over a week at Danville Correctional Center, according to a recent menu.

They’re also the basis of a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court this summer by nine plaintiffs who allege that the Illinois Department of Corrections is endangering the health of the inmates — especially those with allergies, sensitivities and existing gastrointestinal and thyroid problems — by serving them too much soy.

Follow this link to the entire story, (be sure and notice the sidebars):,0,5389183,full.story


  1. What a story. How can you “rehabilitate” a person on such a nutrient-poor diet? I guess they don’t make the connection between diet and behavior – a connection I am all too familiar with myself. I can’t imagine what a difference it would make if we went back to the old ways mentioned in the story: prisoners growing their own food. I’d think the mental and physical benefits would be beyond what most would expect.
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  2. Virginia says:

    You cannot know the punishment inflicted inside a person’s body by soy until you experience the violent reaction yourself. The prisoners are an unfortunate control group that could change the food industry in the US. In Canada and Europe, soy flour, “protein” and other soy derivatives are recognized as a food that can be dangerous and that its hype as a health food is a fraud. The soy industry is subsidized by the government and as a result is the cheapest filler American companies can put in foods. The soybean is on the FDA’s poisonous plant list for good reason. The stories of Chinese people eating it and benefiting from it as a source of protein is a lie. The only time people in China ate soybeans throughout the centuries was during times of starvation. And then, they fermented it before consuming it, knowing it was poisonous.

    The prison group of people affected by a stubborn insistence to use soy in food to save money know that they will be painfully sick – heart attack sick – every single day. I went on Nutrisystem for 2 weeks. I felt like my heart was attacking me, usually about 3 am. Vomiting was violent. It took 6 months to remove all of the soy from my diet and life. Doctors were unable to help because the dangers of soy are kept hidden in the United States. Nutrisystem counselors state they have never heard these symptoms before. , yet complaints similar to the prison group’s are all over the internet. In conducting my own research I learned that soy poisoning takes 24 hours to manifest its symptoms. The body produces an army of histamine that will attack your next soy or even real protein intake.

    Reading labels is now a habit, but I hadn’t thought it would be in vitamins, probiotics and fresh baked bread. And in so-called “Whole Foods” in general. There is no label for soy notification required and no soy-free area in stores. This has to change. The food industry is poisoning us and our children to improve their bottom line. Soy is a fraud and I hope you and your clients prevail. They will be ill long after the soy is gone.

  3. Kimberly Hartke says:

    Virginia, thanks for this, I notice more and more diet programs are using soy as a lowfat protein, this is not a good trend. I sent your remarks to our President and the attorney on this case. Thanks, again.

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