America’s Food Chain is Broken

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Fake, Sterilized Food Doesn’t Feed or Fuel Us, It Just Makes Us Sick

by Mark McAfee, Organic Pastures Dairy

Part 3 of 4

The American food chain serves the middle men that own it. The distributors, the processors, the pasteurizers, the suppliers and the store owners all profit from the current paradigm that is heavily dependent on oil, pesticides and corn to make the fake sugar, fake bad fat, preservative infused, color dyed, sterilized, GMO, hormone fed, antibiotic fed, grain fed, long shelf life, outsourced carbohydrates from China and other unknown sources 10,000 miles away.

But….there is something very wrong and very broken about this food chain system when viewed from the perspective of the nations soils, our farmers, the entire economy, and most importantly the health of the consuming citizen. The ends of this food chain are broken off. At both ends the links are missing, bankrupt, diseased or failing. The middle appears just fine and stronger than ever…but not the starting or ending links.

Bottom line….The American Food Chain does not serve its consumers or its farmers. The most essential parts of the food chain….

At the very root of this evil fracture is an intentional “Medical-Nutritional” disconnect and the failure to set this as an objective goal of the American Food Chain. The goal should clearly be…..the nutritional healthy fueling of America’s people to prevent disease and illness.   This is not the policy or mission.  This disconnect is not unintentional. It comes as a byproduct of FDA policy. Policy that specifically states that nothing can be claimed to heal a disease unless it has been approved as a drug by the FDA. Drugs do not create health. Foods create health. The American people have been taught for years by drug ads that health is random and if you get sick see your doctor for the magical cure from a shot or pill. That food is not directly connected to health. That disease is random and you really have no control over it. That Americans live better and longer through technology and chemistry. The idea that whole food nutrition is connected directly to health is not promoted. Why….the FDA has laws against it….the drug companies want to sell drugs. As a direct result the FDA is not a promoter of health through prevention and proper nutritional fueling policies. It would seem that the  FAA would do a much better job of recognizing a nutritional crisis and crash and  doing something about it to prevent more in the future.

This highly corrupt FDA and industrial protectionist policy protects the interests of the pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishment that makes up about 18% of our Gross National Product. Drug lobbies are the biggest force in Washington with thousands of lobbyist seducing senators and representatives every day of the year. See Food, Inc. for the whole story.

Lets look at what this all means.

Hippocrates said 2400 years ago in ancient Greece….let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. Yet….our own food protection agency will not let food be our medicine. They will not allow foods to be used to prevent disease. It is a violation of FDA code and law…it is illegal. In fact OPDC was nearly indicted on federal changes for the simple act of posting unedited consumer testimonials at its website showing moms telling their stories of healing from the consumption of raw grass fed milk. Speaking the truth is illegal. Yet, the FDA intentionally misleads and mis-fuels America and wants to jail anyone that speaks truth to power against these tragic policies.

Dr. Weston A Price discovered in the 1930’s that ancient diets protected against modern diseases. Dr. Daphney Miller MD in the last several years confirmed the very same thing in her work which was written about in her book the Jungle Effect. The elements found in our food determine our health. End of story. The National Institutes of Health has funded a $150 million dollar multi year research program to further investigate the Human Biome. It has been found that our human bodies are actually made up of 95% bacterial and virus cells  and only 5% human DNA cells by cell count. The NIH research has dug deep down to investigate and analyze the function of these pro-human bacteria that form the human ecosphere. These human bacteria are now being studied “insitu”. In other words they are not being taken from the body to be studied in a Petri dish….they are being studied where they reside in the body. What is being discovered is that these bacteria are critical to life and that the DNA in these bacteria are being shared with human cells and that this DNA information completes the Human Genome. With out the bacterial genetic information the human cells sit around in confusion waiting for information. The human body is heavily dependent on bacteria to complete the genetic code that makes us human and healthy. What is also found is that this highly dynamic human bacteria ecosphere system changes depending on what we eat. The bacteria, yeasts and viruses change ecosystem balance numerical ratios and relationships change with the change of food sources. Their numbers and relationships change with the introduction of good bacteria, antibiotics, preservatives, hormones, sugars, fats, proteins.

It is one hell of a complex ecosystem and it is darn hard to study a moving changing living target down deep inside of a living breathing human organism.  The disease theory that has been taught in medical schools is now being rethought. This is a brave new world….yet the old paradigm stands to loose much with this discovery. Food matters. Bacteria matters. Bacteria paranoia could and will kill us off as a species is we continue with our current policies.

The best and brightest scientists are telling us  that we are “bacteria sapiens” and that food changes our inner ecosystem. That this inner ecosystem is what determines our health status. That disease is not random but rather an outcome of imbalance of this ecosystem. That we are packed filled with bacteria and we should cherish and protect them. We should feed them well. To attempt to kill them is to kill ourselves.

Why not change the food chain system that has failed to serve the American consumer or farmer. The reason is quite simple. This newest research data does not support the current belief systems in medicine and current treatment systems that make ungodly amounts of money on sick people with the relief of their signs and symptoms and failure to heal and prevent the origins of the problem.   Sick people make money for those in political and market power in the US. This defines the Medical- Nutritional food chain disconnect in America. Nothing will change until things get worse. Then hopefully consumers will awaken one by one and food will become medicine at it has always been for all time.

Continue on to Part 4 of Mark McAfee’s Speech to the Acres USA 2009 Conference, Real Food Stimulus Boon to Economy and Health of Americans.

Or, go back to Part 2, What if the FAA was in Charge of Food Safety?

Mark McAfee, Owner Organic Pastures Dairy

Mark McAfee, Owner Organic Pastures Dairy

Mark McAfee founded  Organic Pastures Dairy Company in 2000, the first organic dairy in Fresno County, California.  McAfee pioneered the concept of decentralized milking ( his Mobile Grade A Milk Barn goes out to the cows when it is milking time). His cows graze on a pasture based integrated organic farm with closed nitrogen loop, no lagoons and no concrete, just “clean and green pastures”. The operations now employ 40 people and provide retail ready raw organic dairy products to more than 400 California natural food stores including Wholefoods.  Sales are growing at 20% or more per year and now exceed $5 million since being founded.

OPDC is the largest retail approved raw organic dairy products producer in North America. Mark McAfee is regarded by many in the industry as a foremost expert in raw milk safety and raw dairy product markets and technology. Mark is known for bold leadership and was the first milk producer to ever post sensitive bacteria count numbers on a website for the world to see. Mark has made formal presentations on raw dairy issues to legislative bodies, national and international conventions in Canada and Melbourne Australia and or Universities (including Stanford medical school and Rutgers), and fifteen of the United States.  Media credits include: ABC’s 20-20 and CBS evening news with Katie Courick.

Mark also helped found the RAWUSA.ORG raw milk production standards. RAW USA.ORG  was developed and founded to assist raw milk producers with producing safe raw milk  and also allow the consumer to identify these living and safe foods.  In more than 100 million servings not one pathogen has ever been found in OPDC raw milk. Visit their website: or call 1-877 RAW MILK.


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