Real Food Stimulus Boon to Economy and Health of Americans

Farmers Must Be Allowed Freedom of Speech to Link Food and Health

by Mark McAfee, Organic Pastures Dairy

Part 4 of 4

Mark & Blaine McAfee, Raw Milk Pioneers

Mark & Blaine McAfee, Raw Milk Pioneers

Well I got some good news and I have some bad news.

Bad News First…..things have gotten much worse. It used to be that one in every 250 kids would develop Autism in their early childhood. Then it was one in every 150 kids that was born with Autism, it has just been reported that one in every 92 boys is being born in the spectrum of Autism. If this trend continues we will have nothing but Autistic kids soon!!Something that we are doing to ourselves is making us very sick and unhealthy. Yet are government wants to do more of the same things that are making us sick. Does this not define insanity?

It is predicted that one in 3 children born in the future will have diabetes.

One in every 5 kids in Fresno County has asthma and more than 5000 deaths per year are caused by asthma.

600,000 reported cases of IBS and Crohns disease are now thought to exist in America and the numbers are climbing rapidly.

Approximately 60% or more of the American population has been reported to be lactose intolerant  or suffer a form of maldigestion of milk.

The numbers of people with Osteoporosis is getting worse and worse.

Obesity is rampant….

That’s just the tip of the bad news iceberg.  These food pyramid policies are bacteria phobic, fat and cholesterol phobic. There is no consideration for good and bad fats or grass fed fats or the essential roles played by cholesterol in the body. The food pyramid is a marketing gimmick used by industry to sell their subsidized commodity GMO crops of soy and corn.

For so long doctors have been taught that bad bugs invade the body and that makes us sick. This is not correct. We are filled 95% full with bacteria already. It is instead the imbalance of good verses bad bacteria that either rejects are welcomes infection or disease and either lays out the welcome mat for illness or fights it off effectively.  Where do you hear any of this in the national health care discussion. You do not….

These policies are not working!! It is the wrong direction.

Now for the good and great news!!

The good news is that each and everyone of these diseases and many more are preventable and treatable using whole farmers market foods. The right fuel for America. Whole unprocessed foods direct from the farmer. Spinach, cabbage, carrots, grass fed beef, raw milk from grass fed cows, raw milk Kefir, raw butters, garden dug potatoes, eggs from pastured chickens, fresh fruits and fruit juices. No GMO, No Cloned, No antibiotics, No hormones, No Pasteurization, No Homogenization, No toxins, No preservatives….nothing added nothing  taken away.

Stanford University has just been privately funded for a pilot study to determine why 50%-60% of our consumers are Pasteurization Intolerant ( the new name for Lactose Intolerance ). This pioneering study will be published in early 2010 and is promising g to lead to a huge NIH study to study an even larger population.

The Michigan Fresh Unprocessed Whole Milk WorkGroup has just released its first findings from more than 3 years of meetings. This WorkGroup is a consortium of Government regulators, raw milk producers, University Scientists, medical doctors, raw milk consumers and other invested parties. The results of their investigations reveal a science based admission that pasteurization changes raw milk dramatically and negatively and that raw fresh milk contains elements critical to the immune function of those that consume it. It also makes the news making statement that raw fresh raw milk is not associated with lactose intolerance for most people that consume raw milk.

This is just the start of the good news about raw milk and  foods that heal and prevent disease. These are the foods missing in 98% of Americas stores and homes. America’s stores are filled with processed long shelf life things that look like food but are not foods and our bodies at the cellular ecosphere level reject them. What does the feeling of a rejected food feel like….it is lactose intolerance from pasteurized dairy products. It is Crohns gut pain from eating sterilized foods and taking antibiotics that fail to seed into the gut essential bacteria and the food that feed that bacteria. It is the re-current colds, asthma and recurrent ear infections suffered by those that take antibiotics and lose immune strength. It is the feeling of Candida pain and burning and cramping after eating sugar rich foods.

What the heck does  the Wounded Gut of a Mis-fueled America mean to us farmers and the consumers who have paid a blood price for industrial greed and the hijacking of the American food chain?

The most important good news to night is that you are the saviors of Americas Gut and Immune system. You will bring these foods back to America. You will be the future nourishers and the source of health for the future of America.   You are the fueling solution and always have been.

I am going to ask that all of you farmers start breaking FDA Food law… right now….we must reinvent the American Food Chain by connecting to the consumer directly. You must reconnect the Medical-Nutritional link to your consumer. When people think health they are taught to think doctors, drugs, surgery and insurance. This must change….when people think health they must think local organic farmer, whole foods and exercise.  These are the foods that will reverse the trend: in autism, diabetes, IBS, cancers, osteoporosis, arthritis, obesity and asthma. We are the link between food and health. It is not more medicine or more doctors….health is directly connected to our food supply. The Medical-Nutritional link.

Freakishly….Modern American Food, the Standard American Diet ( SAD )…. once and for all times considered the source of health has now become the source of illness  because although it is called food….it is not foods our bodies can eat.  Why would Americans think of food as a source of health when it has brought so much illness when consumed in its current empty cloned and sterilized form. Today our American food supply  is the source of illness and those illnesses are compounded by the drugs used and approved to remove the resulting signs and symptoms of the diseases that they bring.

You are the missing health link….you must break the law and make medical claims.

No more long food chains that ignore the consumer and the farmer. Our new American Food chain is short with two big strong interdependent local links. The farmer and the consumer…..that is it.. No middle men to process and steal the value from the food nutritionally or economically. Two local links…a very short very connected food chain. One where both links can speak to each other face to face and tell each other how they feel or how it heals or how it smells or tastes. Two local links that can appreciate and compliment each other. Two links that can hug each other and nourish each other.

In order to establish these links, it is critical to re-establish markets that connect to consumers, you the farmer must educate each and every consumer that you have contact with about how whole food nutrition prevents are cures diseases. How food was the medicine of the ages. How FDA approved drugs do not cure disease and most just relieve the pain or signs of the disease while in most cases the disease worsens. Going to the hospital is now a leading cause of death in the USA with MRSA infections and other super-bugs killing more than tens of thousands of people per year.  Now we have super flues and rampant immune system  depression. What next?? Properly prescribed drugs are killing hundreds of thousands per year.  Malnourishment is the real cause of millions of illnesses per year and uncounted hundreds of thousands of deaths. There are scarce few diseases that are not foundationally caused by a failure of proper nutritional fueling.

We must take back the education of our consumers. This is a tall order for a farmer that rarely speaks with a consumer. What tools will he use….how will he do this. This a brave new world and it is not easy, but it is very rewarding. This is a grass roots “word of mouth movement” and it is based in truths that are self evident. Just like the truths assured by the founding fathers in our constitution. When a person starts to eat whole foods over time they transform into a healthy being and bear healthy children. You are the leadership for the taking back of America’s health. It happens one by one. It happens face to face at farmers markets and at local gardens or at your dairy selling raw milk to those that demand it for their health.  It happens when consumers meet and connect to their farmers and they learn about how they have been cheated and that better living does not come from more drugs. It comes from strong functioning immune systems and whole food nutrition harvested from healthy soils. In Fact…I must compliment our new Secretary of Agriculture John Vilsack at the USDA, he  has started a program called “Know your farmer… Know your food”. Make these words real to you…not just words from Washington. These are golden good words and they are the new direction for America to embrace in order to fuel the American Economic engine…not just the human component. It is local and it is value added and it is medicine that works.

If you have not experienced this nutritional rebellion…then it is time to awaken as a farmer and take back your part of the American Food chain. In doing this you will  become transformed. You will connect to your consumer and your consumer will pay you well. The consumer will be fully nourished and diseases will be prevented and healed and the American food chain will flourish locally and organically. The soils will thrive from the biodiversity of life that you will promote as you grow food to feed people and heal them.

Yes….the current American food chain is hijacked. Life and value is being choked from it….but there are no imaginary FAA  Air Food Marshals to arrest the criminals…. The criminals are being promoted upward as the crisis worsens. The more sterile the foods become the more successful they think they are. When the exact opposite is true. The current process we live under promotes exploitation of illness and it is greed based…. and designed to bankrupt the soil, the farmer and the consumer. Aren’t those the most important parts of the food chain. They are its origin and its final purpose. The farmer and the consumer. Presently the two links most cheated. The two links most separated. The two links most in need of connection.

Take heart….In CA and across America farmers have successfully  taken back the food chain at farmers markets and through other local market channels. We have taken back part of the food chain in the CA with the raw milk revolution. Now 1800 CA pasteurized dairies are either in bankruptcy or verging on collapse. The processed lactose intolerance inducing  food they produce is given little value at $12-15 per CWT when raw organic milk is getting $150-175 CWT and the supply does not meet demand.  Why….because grass fed raw milk is very safe, it heals Asthma, Crohns, IBS and does not cause lactose intolerance. It is the right and proper fuel for the human body and it has always been the right food. Raw Milk strengthens the immune system like no other food on earth and the consumers have experienced this health revolution for themselves. If  raw milk was snake oil or unsafe it would sell one time to a few fools and its producer would need to leave town immediately. Instead it sells like crazy and word of mouth is spreading around America through the internet and through people to people contact.

Who is the hijacker? The FDA’s John Sheehan is one of the many  hijackers that has held hostage the truth of whole food healing. He has stated that “no one should ever drink raw milk at any time for any purpose”. He has stated that “drinking raw milk is like playing Russian Roulette with your health”. The FDA is now being actively being lobbied to enact draconian food safety legislation to shut down raw milk and limit whole food access to Americans even where it is legal and regulated. All of this in the name of safety.

When you see or hear the word “safety” being used in the media or by the FDA…think weak immune systems, pharma created super-bugs and a terrified sterile food processor trying to protect his market and long shelf life foods. Safety is the scare tactic being used to keep America  bacteria paranoid and running away from the farmer and to the highly processed long shelf life Twinkie making dead food industry. Safety, paranoia, missing personal responsibility, highly processed food and sterility have created the culturally accepted non-news making epidemics of disease we have today. The seven daily 747 crashes….. Sadly….my analogy of a Food FAA that prevents disease through proper nutritional fueling is a nice thought but is no more than a pilots dreamy fantasy. There is no FAA Food Agency. So my analogy would not work and we are stuck with grass roots local and homegrown solutions to this national tragedy. We do not have an agency of government that promotes health and proper nutrition. Even at the USDA they fight over the food pyramid and it is corrupted by the industrial food giants that want preeminence for space and legitimacy and petition to not ever mention the junk placed into the ingredients or processing used to denature and destroy the food value that they market as “fresh”. Each of these pretty pictures of food on the pyramid are not real. They are highly processed, toxic  and empty. When raw actually means pasteurized as it has been authorized by the USDA in CA for Almonds….we have a real ethical and moral crisis at the very top of our leadership. We really do need  moral ethical FAA Food Air marshals to arrest and indict the hijackers. Sadly they do not exist and we must become our own marshals and take up our video cameras and start producing real food and connecting to our consumers while educating and speaking the truth. We must all risk being raided by the FDA. In the 1800’s we farmers would have grabbed our Remington Rifles and shot back. Now we must grab our laptops  and Sony Video Camera’s and shoot back.  Be ready with your camera….make the raiders of your farm the main characters in Farmaggedon the movie staring the evils of greed and the  hijackers of the American food chain. The video camera, your consumers stories, your face, your story and the internet are now the new big guns in this battle. It is the way to the truth and the way to move and educate America. Best of all it will not land you in jail or get you shot or criminalized.  It will bring you honor and market share and the respect of your consumers. Stand and be counted but do it together.

The most patriotic thing we can do as farmers and keepers of the soil is to rebel and start making verbal medical claims based in good science and testimonial experience of our consumers. Lets use our freedom of speech to protect our freedom to eat.

Lets tell the FDA to go pasteurize themselves. Preferably Ultra-Pasteurized.  Do it verbally, this is protected speech.

When Senator Dean Florez held Raw Milk hearings in California last year, the FDA and CDFA did not and would not show up…but more than 1000 consumers, scientists and retailers of raw milk did.  Walter Robb the co- president of Wholefoods showed up, dr. Ted Beals, Dr. Ron Hull, Sally Fallon Morrell,  and people from all over the world showed…. Canada, France and Bulgaria, Italy and Australia. Their stories of healing, immune system strength and bone density recovery are now part of CA legislative history. But the FDA did not have the guts or the science behind them….they were a no show. They could not produce the evidence of raw milk being a killer food. How could they…when 65,000 people per week drink raw milk in CA from 375 stores. The lie is just so big and the FDA emperor is just so embarrassingly buck naked. Sorry Emperor Sheehan you are naked and your words are empty before the people. Your words are nothing but scare tactics that further encourage immune depression and your lies have been exposed.

As an American farmer it is time to be less passive and more active. We must take back 100% of the dollar that pays for our products and in trade we must provide 100% of the nutrition that was produced by our  hands, the sun, the water and our living organic soils….this “medical healing and nutrition” must reach the guts of our consumers and not be dissipated and sucked of its life by a money grabbing heartless brokers, brand managers, distributors or sterile food processors.

When you create your own local two link food chain you will be the healers of the future and will be loved and respected accordingly. The farmer will be held in the highest regard instead of being ignored and bankrupted into inexistence. The Farmer will become the Pharmacist and America will once again be fueled properly and bountifully. All good health comes from the health of the soil and the gut through food. Wholefoods heal and the FDA can squirm all they want as their greed and sickness based paradigm crumbles and a new America takes back the hearts minds and guts of its citizens. The current illness based paradigm will be changed and bankrupted by local grass roots dollar votes. You will become the hope and the promise of America as health conquers and prevents illness and your stewardship strengthens our soils.

This is the real American stimulus package, it can not be outsourced, it fuels the economy starting with well paid local farmers, it is carbon footprint friendly, it is grass based, it is local and nourishes consumers and prevents most of the diseases that are taking America by storm. It is the American Health Care plan and the American stimulus package all in one. It does not require one dime of tax dollars or subsity. It is missing one thing…the action of the American farmer to link food to health and the action to start selling foods directly to consumers and connecting to them.

You must start breaking the sick rules and start linking food to medicine and prevention.

Consumer connection  is a challenge for this generation and our next generation and its success is something to be very proud of. You will not know the rewards until you see the people you have healed and their eternal gratefulness for your whole food. You have much study to do…you must learn about what your whole foods do for people. No longer are you the “disposable no-body” at the end of a long meaningless, morally and nutritionally bankrupt food chain. Now you become everything at the beginning of the food chain with just two links.

Literally from “Soil to Soul”…with the highest regard I am telling you now that you the Pharmer is the savior of Americas future health and economy. We may not have the money and the power right now but we farmers have the soil, the food and the people….in the end…that is the true power for the people.

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Mark McAfee, Owner Organic Pastures Dairy

Mark McAfee, Owner Organic Pastures Dairy

Mark McAfee founded  Organic Pastures Dairy Company in 2000, the first organic dairy in Fresno County, California.  McAfee pioneered the concept of decentralized milking ( his Mobile Grade A Milk Barn goes out to the cows when it is milking time). His cows graze on a pasture based integrated organic farm with closed nitrogen loop, no lagoons and no concrete, just “clean and green pastures”. The operations now employ 40 people and provide retail ready raw organic dairy products to more than 400 California natural food stores including Wholefoods.  Sales are growing at 20% or more per year and now exceed $5 million since being founded.

OPDC is the largest retail approved raw organic dairy products producer in North America. Mark McAfee is regarded by many in the industry as a foremost expert in raw milk safety and raw dairy product markets and technology. Mark is known for bold leadership and was the first milk producer to ever post sensitive bacteria count numbers on a website for the world to see. Mark has made formal presentations on raw dairy issues to legislative bodies, national and international conventions in Canada and Melbourne Australia and or Universities (including Stanford medical school and Rutgers), and fifteen of the United States.  Media credits include: ABC’s 20-20 and CBS evening news with Katie Courick.

Mark also helped found the RAWUSA.ORG raw milk production standards. RAW USA.ORG  was developed and founded to assist raw milk producers with producing safe raw milk  and also allow the consumer to identify these living and safe foods.  In more than 100 million servings not one pathogen has ever been found in OPDC raw milk. Visit their website: or call 1-877 RAW MILK.


  1. Thanks for posting Mark’s speech. He is an important voice in promoting needed changes in our “food” and “health” system … or should I say fake food and sick system? 🙂

    Those of us who are consumers need to realize that our dollars will help to make this change by buying local minimally processed foods from real farms and avoiding industrially produced and processed fake foods like the plague they are. We also need to educate our family and friends about the benefits of real healthy food and about the problems with convenient but fake foods that are causing so many health and environmental problems today.
    .-= Bryan – oz4caster´s last blog ..Sorry Soy =-.

  2. RadiantLux says:

    I liked the part below. This is an image that needs to be sound-bited all over the place.
    “When you see or hear the word “safety” being used in the media or by the FDA…think weak immune systems, pharma created super-bugs and a terrified sterile food processor trying to protect his market and long shelf life foods. Safety is the scare tactic being used to keep America bacteria paranoid and running away from the farmer and to the highly processed long shelf life Twinkie making dead food industry. Safety, paranoia, missing personal responsibility, highly processed food and sterility have created the culturally accepted non-news making epidemics of disease we have today.”

  3. Betty Anderson says:

    CDFA and USDA “No-Shows.”

    So typical, the bad guys simply don’t show up as they can only lie effectively when the arena is set up for their lies. At a Senator Florez hearing, CDFA and USDA cannot effectively silence the truth and they cannot present their disgusting lies as information, so they don’t show.

    It is similar with the fraudulent Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) Eradication Program of the CDFA and USDA. CDFA and USDA falsified the danger of LBAM so they could steal Billions of dollars from California taxpayer funds for their own budgets. Then they channel much of the funds into lucrative contracts for their equally disgusting criminals representing the chemical pesticide companies.

    CDFA would not attend the Florez hearing on the Environmental Impact Report for their own program.

    Poisoning children, adults, pets, wild animals, water and air is an activity that does not sell well in a forum of the truth. So CDFA and USDA need to avoid any gathering where they are not in control to deliver their despicable lies.

    Fortunately, the truth is getting out more and more. And these CDFA and USDA chemical molesters of millions of children, through poisoning their food and applying pesticides onto their bodies and into the air they breathe, will hopefully be put in prison soon and kept away from future generations of innocent children.

  4. Very well put. It is so important to make the connections between whole foods and complete health. So many people attribute their chronic health conditions to aging or genes and do not realize that they can prevent, reverse, and heal themselves with good food, exercise, and holistic care.
    .-= Cathy Payne´s last blog ..Merry Christmas from Our Natural Life =-.

  5. Kimberly Hartke says:

    Cathy, I couldn’t agree more, and hence I blog!


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