What if the FAA was in Charge of Food Safety?

Near Miss over Narragansett Bay

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How to Fix the Broken Food Chain

by Mark McAfee, Organic Pastures Dairy

Part 2 of 4

What is a chain?

A chain can bind us into bondage, servitude, incarceration and slavery.

A chain can pull us out of the mud when we are stuck.

It can be made of steel or made of paper.

It can be a franchise branded stores or restaurants.

It can be made up of the links involved in how we grow and get our food.

A chain can be strong but only as strong as the weakest link.

A chain can be broken and it will fail.

A chain can be DNA genetic strands or the hands of humans clasped together in unity.

A chain can be how we communicate and share our information

A chain can represent the links in the series of the events leading up to an accident.

In fact the FAA considers an accident to be much more than a burning crumpled  aircraft…..but rather a series of events that lead to the eventual crash. Events that sometimes start years before the actual accident with the pilots psychology and training, water in the fuel tank, the maintenance of the aircraft or a million other variables. But in most cases it was the failure of something prior to the actual crash that created the doomed event. The FAA prevention based management of our fleet of thousands of aircraft in American keeps us safe…but also free. The small aircraft like ultra-lites are largely unregulated allowing local flying enjoyment with out government regulation…while large public transport jet aircraft come under heavy regulation scrutiny and management.

The FAA does not believe in covering up the sounds of grinding and breaking noises with better sound attenuating headsets or simply ignoring the danger and its foretelling sounds and ominous signs….the FAA mandates that the origin of the problems be discovered and fixed prior to flying into the wild blue yonder…. avoiding all accidents however small. The FAA dissects every incident to learn from it and immediately publishes the information and changes policy to avoid and prevent any further incidents or accidents.

Why is it that the FDA does not do the same….it is clear that the FAA mandates preventative care and prevention to protect the consumer…yet the FDA absolutely does not and strongly discourages prevention and is steadfast and resolute in opposition to prevention when it comes to health.  In fact the FDA has made “medical claims” for food illegal. According to the FDA “only drugs heal or cure disease.”  If a food heals it must be approved as a “new drug” by the FDA and this takes years and millions of dollars. If not approved you have committed a crime.

Most FDA approved medications cover up the sounds of our bodies painfully grinding and breaking and are mostly patented sign and symptom relievers not preventative healing cures. Celebrex and Fosomax killed thousands as have many other FDA approved drugs and additives. FDA approved pediatric cold remedies now carry a black box warning because they have been shown to cause death and brain bleeds in kids. When all the child needed to do was drink raw milk to avoid most flues and colds by building a very strong immune system.  These FDA drugs do not enhance our bodies ability to protect or rebuild itself or enhance our immune systems. Instead many widely advertised  FDA approved illness and disease intervention based drugs tear apart the human immune system and allow even  more infection and inflammation to enter or human ecosphere.

The expected side effect of many of these drugs are horrible and sometimes include death. They just make the pain go away as the condition worsens. As a result hundreds of thousands of Americans die each year from diseases and illnesses all because our FDA policies and  USDA Food Pyramid do not lead our citizens to a system of health prevention but instead to a place of intervention after illness.

No where in the food Pyramid does it say a thing about the food in My Food Pyramid being processed to death, sterilized, soy based, fake oil based, synthetic, preserved with toxins, grain fed, pasteurized, GMO based, Irradiated, homogenized or being Cloned. The pretty pictures show whole foods. The stores in America do not carry these foods. Good Scientists with in each of these organizations have sounded the alarms but they go unheeded and their findings and warnings are suppressed and ignored. The USDA food Pyramid is a tomb stone marker for health in America. The best thing about the pyramid is the suggestion to start exercising.

Yet…. American Food Chain is not Broken….it is a very tough and very long and well protected finely oiled money machine ( AKA Food Inc ). It has been designed to serve everyone but the farmer or the consumer at the end of its links….but it is not broken. Its core links are nearly bullet proof. It buys billions of dollars of prime media time to sell itself.  It is a very powerful machine that resists change and will fight to preserve itself at all cost. It likes who is getting the money and does not want that to change. The fake and sterile foods it promotes and produces do not heal or enhance immunity. They do quite the opposite….their fake long shelf life addictive empty elements allow toxic unnatural and bad human internal ecosystem conditions to develop resulting in  illness and disease.

The grand measure and mission of the American food chain must be changed. The total health of the final  consumer must be its goal…..If the same FAA aviation based consumer protection through prevention theories and policies were adopted by the FDA there would be a screeching halt to the production, processing distribution and consumption of fake food in America.

The FAA does not agree with covering up corrosion with more paint, or ignoring the painful signs of disease by just ignoring the signs as they appear by using a stronger drug. Perhaps it is because airplane crashes are so tragic, acute and always make the front lines and the onset of food abuse disease comes on more slowly and is almost always hidden.

The lack of an acute connection between food consumption and illness or health is the missing and broken link that has been ignored.  If your death takes many years and the many bites of food that killed you can not be identified then food as the culprit is hard to finger as the origin of disease.

The FAA believes in using the best scientists, listening to them and applying what they have discovered. The FAA believes in pilot personal responsibility, education and aircraft maintenance prevention programs.  The FAA teaches to respect “mother nature” because she is in charge and those that ignore her weather patterns, icing conditions and  winds of change….will be ripped apart, fall from the sky and die. Yet the FAA respects the rights of all levels of aviation from small aircraft to very large. The FDA has little regard for mother nature and has endorsed and protected Genetic Cloning, GMO ( God Move Over Food ) , rampant antibiotic abuse in CAFO systems and that is the very short list, when the scientists from their very own agencies, US Universities and around the world beg otherwise.

If the FAA was in charge of the American food chain…nearly all food would be grounded. It would be September 11th 2001 for fake food in America. There are the equivalent of at least seven  747 Boeing aircraft crashing everyday from the depressed immune systems  and diseases being brought on by the highly processed, GMO created, cloned,  antibiotic abused, preservative filled, artificially colored, fake sugar, fake fat, grain fed, pasteurized, dead, sterilized, homogenized, standardized, stabilized, oxidized, irradiated things that are sold as food in most Americas stores.

If the  FAA did an investigation of these seven 747s crashes that happen daily and their 2800 dead passengers, this is what they would find.

Using their best scientists from the NIH, International and US Universities the FAA would find that the American Human body has been mis-fueled. Instead of sterile, processed foods, the human body needs biodiversity, bacteria, enzymes, minerals, good grass fed fats, real sugars, and nothing fake or processed. It needs farm direct foods. These were the fuels that had been evolved to fuel the human aircraft for thousands of years and these foods and elements are now missing in the American food fuel tank. They would  find that the FDA sterile food policy had been depriving the body of its bacterial colonies through the use of antibiotics and consumption of sterilized highly processed foods and that the human body now fails to protect itself and becomes a haven for the super-bugs being created by modern abuse of antibiotics. Compounding the problems… the list of pathogens gets longer as our immune systems get weaker…..We try and fly our weak unworthy human aircraft into worse and worse weather and see worse and worse outcomes as we follow each other… over and over as we are cleared for take-off by FDA controllers our miss-fueled “wide body” human jets crash and crash and crash again.  This would be insane and suicidal as a pilot….but as an American consumer this is daily fare. It is not even news!!!

Instead….We are told as we crash… to go see the doctor. What a human body grinding machine….

The  FAA Food investigators found that if the human aircraft ate whole unprocessed foods that  their immune systems would function properly, they would self repair and fly perfectly, but…  only when fueled properly.

The Food FAA found that rampant corruption had prevailed for years at the FDA allowing the wrong fuel to be added to American citizens  fuel tanks. The FOOD FAA found that this mis-fueling had steadily gotten worse through the corrupted influential link between food policy, drug company and processing industry greed and the FDA had failed in its mission to protect the safe arrival and health of the consumer. The chain of events that led to the seven 747 crashes every day was directly based on the failure of the FDA to promote preventative food policy and listening to its scientists or its citizens. This is no less of a felony capital offense than intentionally putting water into an aircraft fuel tank instead of approved fuels. Disease never seen before in Americas history are now rampant. In fact it was discovered by the accident investigators that very little maintenance or care had been performed on the American Food Aircraft and it was not human worthy or airworthy.

As a result….The FOOD FAA grounded all food flights  and No food aircraft could fly. The only food allowed into the American Fuel tank was local organic whole unprocessed food. America was in shock…and slowly began to recover but it took years before it could safely take to the air with out crashing. Only the whole food eaters were allowed to fly on local hops and America’s airfood space was quiet and empty as America began its raw evolution and revolution.

Continue on to Part 3 of Mark McAfee’s speech at the 2009 Acres USA conference, America’s Food Chain is Broken.

Or, back to Part 1 of Mark McAfee’s speech, Taking Back America’s Food Chain.

Mark McAfee, Owner Organic Pastures Dairy

Mark McAfee, Owner Organic Pastures Dairy

Mark McAfee founded  Organic Pastures Dairy Company in 2000, the first organic dairy in Fresno County, California.  McAfee pioneered the concept of decentralized milking ( his Mobile Grade A Milk Barn goes out to the cows when it is milking time). His cows graze on a pasture based integrated organic farm with closed nitrogen loop, no lagoons and no concrete, just “clean and green pastures”. The operations now employ 40 people and provide retail ready raw organic dairy products to more than 400 California natural food stores including Wholefoods.  Sales are growing at 20% or more per year and now exceed $5 million since being founded.

OPDC is the largest retail approved raw organic dairy products producer in North America. Mark McAfee is regarded by many in the industry as a foremost expert in raw milk safety and raw dairy product markets and technology. Mark is known for bold leadership and was the first milk producer to ever post sensitive bacteria count numbers on a website for the world to see. Mark has made formal presentations on raw dairy issues to legislative bodies, national and international conventions in Canada and Melbourne Australia and or Universities (including Stanford medical school and Rutgers), and fifteen of the United States.  Media credits include: ABC’s 20-20 and CBS evening news with Katie Courick.

Mark also helped found the RAWUSA.ORG raw milk production standards. RAW USA.ORG  was developed and founded to assist raw milk producers with producing safe raw milk  and also allow the consumer to identify these living and safe foods.  In more than 100 million servings not one pathogen has ever been found in OPDC raw milk. Visit their website: www.organicpastures.com  or call 1-877 RAW MILK.


  1. Kimberly, your link to part 3 is not active. I want to read the whole thing.
    .-= the Bovine´s last blog ..Mark McAfee at Acres U.S.A. conference =-.

  2. Kimberly Hartke says:

    Sorry, I noticed a couple of links weren’t active, and they are all fixed, now. Thanks for your interest in this important speech by one of America’s finest farmers.

  3. I saw your posted article with the FAA title. That analogy caught my attention as it is one I have often thought of. I have had numerous interactions with aviation agencies including the FAA and the JAA (now EASA) including technical presentations regarding aircraft engine controls to members of the JAA and LBA (German authorities). The article is right on target noting that food and agriculture policies would be very different if treated in the manner that the FAA investigates incidents and certifies equipment. The shameful and incestuous industry relationships that permit the abuses in agriculture would not be tolerated. In the dairy industry cows are treated as an expendable commodity with no concern for the fact that millions are slaughtered annually after mastitis battles with hundreds of dairy farmers going bankrupt in the process. There are certainly a lot of comparisons that can be made between the aviation industry and dairy relative to how things should be done.

    Hopefully the article is well read by many.

  4. Kimberly Hartke says:

    Thanks, Bill. I especially like the idea of getting to the root cause of a food “crash” and addressing it.

    Too often, we gloss over the crash and just say, medicate it to fix it.


  5. mark mcafee says:

    As a private pilot and owner of a TB 20 Socata Trinidad, I have immense respect for mother nature. I make a pact with her and check myself and my aircraft all the time. If I ever hurt myself it will be because I failed to heed her warnings and respect her awe and power. the same goes for food and our personal responsibility for health.

    Treat yourself like an aircraft and treat mother nature as the “wild blue yonder” and all will be well. You can not cheat either without paying a real price for dishonesty.

    I started flying when I was 16 and to this day….I always respect mother nature and double check everything.

    “It is better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air….than in the air wishing you were in the air”.



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