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VA Tech Says $10.00/wk on Local Foods Will Boost VA Economy by 1.65 Billion

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Virginians Lobby for Expansion of Home Kitchen Sales

In this tough economy, it’s exciting to know we, as citizens, can make small changes to turn things around. Virginia Tech’s Cooperative Extension estimates that if families will patronize local farmers and home food preparation businesses, we can stimulate our local economy to the tune of $1.65 Billion!

Members of the Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers Association (Keith and I are members) are headed back to the Virginia State Legislature to serve a wonderful farm fresh breakfast to staffers and lawmakers. The annual event is our way of getting our message out about local foods and direct commerce between farmers and citizens in Virginia.

My first trip to Richmond for this event was when I was a brand new cowshare owner. I wanted to tell my story to anyone who would listen, about how this food was helping our family get well, and it needed to be made more widely available through direct sales (which are currently banned in Virginia). It didn’t seem fair that one should have to buy a cow to add raw milk to one’s diet.

This year the focus is on the expansion of the Home Kitchen bill we won last year. Now we want home businesses to be allowed to make and sell fermented foods, like pickles, salsas. Sally Fallon Morell, President of Weston A. Price Foundation just sent me this link to an article where an USDA scientist touts lacto-fermented foods as being among the safest on the market! I am going to copy this and take a bunch with me to the event!

This week I would like to invite any of you who live in Virginia to join us for our lobby breakfast. It is put on by VICFA members, but non-members who support us are certainly welcome. You will meet amazing farmers, and sold-out consumers, and learn so much from them! It is also really cool to tell your story to the State representatives!

Do your part to promote local foods by joining your fellow VICFA members at the General Assembly in Richmond this Wednesday, January 20th. If you can’t attend, please call your legislators and ask them to support HB60, the Home Kitchen Bill.

Check out our Talking points and the press release from Virginia Tech.

Meet Phyllis Who is in Business Thanks to the Home Kitchen Bill

The audio is not so great because of street traffic, but turn up your volume and listen in!


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