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Is Granny Free to Eat Her Ice Cream?

My Nana Says, Go Gettum, Michael!

Michael Schmidt hears his sentencing this Thursday in a tiny courtroom in rural Canada. A year ago he was found guilty of breaking Canadian law by operating a cow boarding program. He asked the court to weigh in on the constitutionality of the raw milk ban, and that decision is also expected on Thursday.

The picture you see above, is of my 99 year old grandmother and a bowl of raw milk ice cream. Her mother was healed of TB by a raw milk and raw egg regime, recommended by her doctor. This was in the 1920’s. Nana said it was a “new therapy” at the time. My great-grandmother lived in a tent (so she would get lots of fresh air) pitched on the front lawn of her brother-in-law’s dairy farm in Oregon. The cow was tethered right outside. Great grandma was to drink the raw milk, while it was still warm, fresh from the cow.

So, try telling my granny that she can’t have her raw milk!

Many people feel this way these days, and for those raw milk fans, the case of Michael Schmidt is of paramount importance. When farmers aren’t free, neither are we.

I found a cowboarding program (where we now own 2/26’s of a Jersey cow named Aster), when I read the Washington Post story of a Northern Virginia baby, whose life was saved by a homemade baby formula made with raw milk.

Augie Augenstein recently launched Alliances for Raw Milk in Face book. Michael Schmidt is the coordinator of the Canadian Alliance, Mark McAfee is the one for the California Alliance. David is the coordinator for Ohio and Wisconsin. I will coordinate the Virginia Alliance. This is a chance for farmers and consumers to show their interest in raw milk and food freedom, by fanning these groups in Facebook. Help us go viral with this worldwide movement!

US Alliance for Raw Milk

Canada Alliance for Raw Milk

UK Alliance for Raw Milk

State ARM’s are now being formed. If you would like an Alliance set up for your state, comment on this post and I will send your email address to Augie.

Ohio ARM
Wisconsin ARM

There will be a rally of support for Michael Schmidt outside the courthouse, here are the details:

Alliance for Raw Milk Rally
Thursday, January 21, 2010
Time: 12:00 noon – 3:30pm
Location: 465 Davis Drive Old Tannery, Newmarket, Ontario

For more details see event posting.

Even if you can’t attend the rally, you can help by promoting the event and the ARMs. Take this poll to let David and Michael know you are willing to help.

No government should come between grannies and their ice cream, or babies and their milk.

Granny can’t use a computer, but you can! Raw Milk Momma’s Unite!


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  3. We need some support also with GA and UT and WA ARMs promotions! I have sent both Nicoles a message to gear up.
    .-= Augie´s last blog ..One-minute POLL: Schmidt Raw Milk Verdict/Rally Coming Thursday =-.

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