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How Gail Elbek Began Her Stop Soy Damage Crusade

Gail Elbek, Soy Damage Expert

Gail Elbek, Soy Damage Expert

And Why We All Must Warn America, Soy is a Danger to Our Health

by Gail Elbek, Follow me on Twitter @soydamage

In 1986, at age 62 my mother went to her doctor for a physical.  Although she resisted, he demanded that she take HRT (hormone replacement therapy) because of her “age”.  A few years later she died a most painful death from breast cancer metastasis to the estrogen target areas known as the: liver, lung, bone, and brain.

By October 1988, as my mother lay helplessly dying, I began my intensive research into HRT at Cottage Hospital Medical Library here in Santa Barbara where I shockingly found a multitude of published studies all concluding HRT as toxic and identifying these drugs as carcinogenic estrogen/progestin steroids. And yet, very few knew of this, as this information was not conveyed to the general public. 

I wrote a brief editorial in my community newspaper about the damaging effects caused by ERT and HRT, I received numerous replies reporting severe and fatal injury caused by these same drugs to other once healthy loved ones: sister, mother, wife.   Imagine how many women suffer(ed) from “safe replacement therapy” as routinely prescribed to healthy women across the entire USA.

After several FOIA requests, in 1991 I finally received ERT/HRT microfiche exposing a host of FDA-known severe and fatal toxic effects caused by, what in truth, is not “therapy” at all, but are, in fact, detailed as toxic and carcinogenic female “steroid drugs.” None of this was disclosed as public information (with additional fatal effects), and is still being withheld to this day.

I Attempt to Get the Government to Do Something, to No Avail

I aggressively wrote multiple letters and phoned FDA Commissioner David Kessler begging him that to the least he allow information to the public that ERT and HRT are in fact highly toxic “steroid drugs.”  I received a letter back from the FDA that in so many words instructed me to stop bothering them.

It was 2002, 60 years late (1942 Premarin approved) that the NIH disclosed (some) ERT/HRT fatal risks that had been known but withheld decades prior.  To this day, the FDA refuses to label female hormone drugs (to include ERT, HRT, birth control drugs, the patch, etc) with truthful “steroid drug” labeling.  Male testosterone drugs are always FDA labeled as steroids, while refusing to correctly label female estrogen and/or progestin drugs as steroid drugs, but instead maintaining the profitable innocence behind “therapy” (or “the pill”).  Would you buy “therapy”….. or would you buy “steroids”?  Which sounds “safe” ….although they are the exact same.  Does industry profit into the billions by pushing safe “therapy” or “steroids”?

If Only the FBI Would Investigate the FDA

To drug healthy women (menopause is not a disease) with toxic and carcinogenic steroid drugs is against all laws, while there is NO such thing as FDA accountability.  Department of Justice “defends and does not prosecute the FDA.”  When I notified the FBI, they replied that they are “too busy with international terrorism” to investigate the FDA (national terrorism).

It is absolutely true, that if estrogen and progestin drugs were correctly labeled as “steroids,” industry profits, instead of countless American women would have died LONG ago.  (Note- Industry is now working on a ERT/HRT steroid drug revival, saying “short-term…..5 years…. is safe.”  There is no such thing as a safe steroid drug cancer clock, especially in the ERT/HRT cause of cancer metastasis that is immediate upon steroid drug consumption).

My Concern About HRT Leads to Discovering the Risks Associated with Soy

With estrogen research I stumbled upon soy as an “active estrogenic endocrine disruptor” and is compared throughout published studies to DES or estradiol, the most potent and dangerous estrogens.  I became immediately alarmed knowing that infants are fed soy formula as 100% of dietary intake without any FDA disclosure. And, they have no evidence that any infant can normally survive.  Insanely, the FDA does not approve infant formulas, so the industry simply markets soy phyto-toxic formulas. The only FDA requirement is that they add minerals (which soy phytic acid eliminates).  Plus, the FDA does not enforce any soy phyto-estrogen labeling warnings during pregnancy, even though soy consumption is repeatedly proven to contaminate a woman’s fetus, and is proven capable of causing physiological and neurological developmental injury.

Anecdotal Evidence is All Around of the Downside of Soy, Soy Infant Formula

I also knew that my neighbor, whose daughter has autism, was a vegetarian, eating soy products during her pregnancy. She also confirmed that she had fed her daughter soy formula while believing it to be healthy, as USA parents are misled to believe.  I soon found a pattern of severe and potentially fatal sickness caused to children fed soy formulas.  For instance: I know of two more autistic children, a child with diabetes type one, another with immune deficiency disorder, another died from leukemia, one suffers from extreme allergies, two are infertile as adults……ALL were fed soy formula as babies.  This is not coincidence but soy phyto-toxic contamination is the cause as multiple studies prove.

Our Government’s Own Medical Databases are Full of Proof about Brain and Body Toxicity of Soy

In my further research on the NIH websites: Toxnet and Pubmed, I found there are actually hundreds of thousands of published studies concluding in detail how soy phyto-estrogen endocrine disruptors are especially developmentally brain and body toxic, capable of causing an assortment of irreversible developmental disorders and diseases particularly caused during most fragile fetal, infant, and child exposures. Even common sense must step in to the picture….. there is no known estrogen that is considered healthy for fetus, infant, and child consumption.  No known safe “edible” estrogenic endocrine disruptor during developmental exposures!

In our generation, fetuses, infants, and children are increasingly exposed to soy estrogenic toxicity.  It is most frightening and overwhelmingly disheartening that our FDA resists making public this urgently important soy toxicity information. Their own FDA “Poisonous Plant Database,”  confirms the “soybean” as toxic, and the NIH has repeatedly published studies proving soy as toxic.

Is U.S. Government Protecting Industry Profits at the Expense of You and Your Child’s Health?

How many decades will pass this time until the FDA is forced to confess knowledge of extensive evidence of soy adverse health effects are caused to once healthy children?  How many more children, and families will needlessly suffer?

One has to question, is it the health of industry or the American people that the FDA is in fact most concerned about?

This is my story as to why I am dedicated to writing and informing others of the truth about soy phyto-toxicity.  Sadly, we can NOT depend upon our USA health organizations.  It is too late to save my mother, and countless children, but even if one parent reads this information, there is hope that even one child will be saved from unnecessary soy causation of adverse health effects.

Gail Elbek is a citizen activist who is doing extensive research in government archives to uncover the truth about modern soy foods. Like Erin Brockovich, Gail is determined to speak truth to power and get our government to take action to defend the health of our citizens from the corporations who would profit at the expense of human health.

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  1. Kim Green says:

    Is this true that soy formula has been linked to Type 1 diabetes in children? My son is 3 and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 8 months ago and was on soy formula for 12 months

  2. Andrea Cook says:

    This is really interesting. I’m wondering if it’s something the US does to the soybean (or doesn’t do) that makes it so toxic. I know they eat a great deal of soybeans in Asian countries, but they have a lower rate of cancer and autism.

  3. Actually, they eat only small amounts of soy in Asia, and they used to eat only soyfoods that had been traditionally fermented, which makes soy much less toxic.

    Soyfoods in the US are usually made from the sludge left over after extracting Soy Oil, which used to be thrown out as garbage before they got the idea of making it into food. It is not traditionally fermented, and that form of soy was never eaten before the 20th Century.
    .-= Stanley Fishman´s last blog ..The Magic of Steak and Eggs =-.

  4. Andrea Cook says:

    Thanks! *goes to read*

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