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Max Kane to Take the Fifth

The Fight For Food Freedom Continues in Wisconsin


Dave Gumpert and Max Kane

Under Court Order, Max Kane is to be deposed by the Department of Justice and Department of Agriculture THIS Thursday, March 18th 2010. Max intends to take the fifth, fourth amendments and exercise his other rights of due process.

Supporters are encouraged to rally at the location and attend the deposition where Max will continue to refuse questioning at:

10am  — March 18th, 2010
Conference Room 1E, First Floor
Vernon County Court House
400 Courthouse Square
Viroqua, WI. 54665

If you are unable to attend, please share your message of solidarity with Max Kane in the comments on this blog, and I will make sure he sees them!


Max Kane believes farm fresh foods are healthy. He personally overcame Crohn’s disease with the help of fresh, unprocessed dairy and other raw foods. This young man now runs a private farm buying club called Belle’s Lunchbox. Yet, he is in deep trouble with the state.

He is being hauled before a judge again tomorrow for another deposition. He is being asked to divulge his list of farms and their patrons.

DATCP subpoenaed Max Kane, demanding his client and farm list.

Max maintains the DATCP demand is fraudulent. The fourth amendment protects him from illegal search and seizure. He also said 5th amendment gave him the right to remain silent.

Judge ruled against him on the 21 of Dec. Max has filed a motion for a re-hearing. The judge denied his motion. On February 25, Max filed a notice of appeal on the circuit court, the appellate court and the attorney general. He is headed toward the appellate court.

The judge’s order was to release the information to DATCP. Either go to jail or release the information.

Max will refuse to speak at tomorrow’s deposition, because he has a right to an appeal.

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  1. Max, you are a hero. Freedom is always at risk, and it is hard to think of a freedom more important than the freedom to choose our food. We cannot be healthy without good, real food, and you are fighting for the health of all of us.

    You have my respect and admiration. Thank you for your courage. I will pray for you.
    .-= Stanley A Fishman´s last blog ..Who Was Weston A. Price? =-.

  2. I’m far from Wisconsin but with you in spirit, Max. I salute you and other raw milk proponents fighting for our food freedom.
    .-= Jeanmarie Todd´s last blog ..Farewell to (Raw Milk at) Whole Foods Market =-.

  3. Jennifer Simpson says:

    We need more people like you Max! I can’t be there in person, but I am there in spirit! Keep up the good fight!

  4. Hang in their Max. We’re rooting for you!
    .-= Bonni Miller´s last blog ..Where the action is! =-.

  5. I can only echo the other comments here. Behind you 100%, Max!
    .-= Grant Kessler´s last blog ..Run, Chicken, Run! =-.

  6. We want our milk RAW!!! GO MAX!

  7. Thank you Max!! Stay strong and know you have thousands behind you!

  8. Kathleen Mitchell says:

    Thanks Max! Your are doing the good and right thing! You’re in my thoughts and prayers. We will always be indepted to you.

  9. Kori Kauffman says:

    Keep going Max! We love raw milk! We are a family of 5 and drank 6 gallons last week and are working on 5 for this week!!

  10. Max, it is people like you that keep this country moving on the principals it was founded on, freedom being one of the most important. If only the people in Congress who are representing us had one ounce of your tenacity and morals, the world would be a much, much better place.

    Keep fighting, we are all behind you. If we keep hollering, eventually they will have to listen.


  11. Max, Thank you for standing up for what’s right. Stay strong and remember that you have so many people cheering for you. May you have the tenacity of a penguin, the strength of a salmon and the power of a grizzly!!
    .-= Herbalisl´s last blog ..Sweet Honeysuckle: Faithful Friend or Scourge of the Country? =-.

  12. Sending my thoughts and prayers for your heroic fight for food and raw milk freedom from Pennsylvania! God bless you and your willingness to stand up for what’s right. I’m behind you 100% and and with you in WI in spirit!

  13. Effie Rau-Stathakos says:

    Max….can’t be there but just know that I am and our US constitution is behind you…..thank you for being a brave soldier in this fight for our freedom!

  14. Diana Tippit says:

    Thank you Max. I drink raw milk. I’ve done my research, read books about the benefits of raw milk, reviewed study results, and made my choice. I was very ill when I started and am much better now. Raw goat milk was one of the things that helped me. I also enjoy raw cow milk. I’ve avoided cigarettes, hard liquor, and pharmaceutical drugs – all of which are legally available – yet not as controversial as raw milk. My thanks to you, from California.

  15. Max I’m sorry I can’t be there for you but we stand with you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you embody the spirit of our founding fathers.

  16. Joe Hawkins says:

    thank you, Max, for taking up the good fight. your efforts are appreciated.

  17. Angela W says:

    Thank you Max for standing up for what is right! Our family is 100% behind you!

  18. adam brushaber says:

    Principles count. Thank you, Max, for keeping them.

  19. Cynthea Lee Rose says:

    Let us know if we can help you and thanks for fighting on the Wisconsin frontline of the Food Wars. . .

    Brightest Blessings

  20. I cannot be there in WI to support you,living in DC, but my partner and I are rooting for you, Max! Our ethical, humane, pasture-raising, raw dairy farmer has had run-ins with the FDA lately and we cannot comprehend what we would eat if we could not have prodcuts from his farm or other farms like his. We wish all the best for you!
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Look for me at the Centreville High School Craft Show – April 17th! =-.

  21. Tarra Parks says:

    Thank you Max! You have a tremendous amount of support and prayers surrounding you as you stand up for what’s right!

  22. THANK YOU!
    Do what you know is right!
    And you can have no regrets.

  23. Doing what is right is sometimes hard. Thank you from Oregon, Max, for your choice to stand up for our basic rights. We’re following your story closely and wish you strength.

  24. Georgeann says:

    Max, you’re awesome!

  25. Kimberly Tidwell says:

    Thanks for standing up for what’s right even when it may seem hard and so many are against you, but remember, there are a lot of us that are with you 120%. God Bless you.

  26. Sometimes words fail to express the true gratitude a person feels. This is one of those times. I do hope the knowledge that what you are doing means life and health to so many brings you strength and renewed purpose as you go forward.

  27. Patricia de la Garza says:

    We want raw milk! My daughter with asd can eat raw milk yoghurt, the pasteurized stuff makes her soo sick, thanks for defending her and us!

  28. Max, I’m glad there are people like you who take the time to fight for what’s right for all of us. I am active duty, recently transferred to California, where raw milk is “still” legal, but VERY hard to find real fresh raw milk from small farms (I’m still trying). You are just as important in the fight to keep this country free as every active duty military member!

  29. Jolee Burger says:

    Oh, Max, what a wonderful gift you are giving the world, and what a wonderful rolemodel you are. Someone who stands by his principles. This is the tough road – hang in there! Love from Keller, Texas.

  30. Thank you for your work! We LOVE Raw Milk!!!! We’ve been drinking it for the past 4 or so years and have never been healthier! Thank you for all you are standing for!

  31. Micahael says:

    Thank you for fighting for our rights. God bless you.

  32. Go Max Go!

  33. God bless you, Max. You are a hero and I pray that I would have the courage that you have under the same circumstances. It is unbelievable that we have to fight this fight! Who owns this old body? I do. I will put in it what I want.

  34. Max- You are the cat’s pajamas. You are the man. You rock. Thanks so much for what you’r doing, what you’re standing up for and the example your’e setting.

  35. Kimberly Hartke says:

    Thanks everyone for supporting Max. I know he will be stronger with you behind him!

    Max, I am glad you are so true to what you believe. Your courage is what is necessary in these days. God bless you as you go tomorrow. May your silence speak volumes!

    I have added some background on Max’s case for those of you who are unfamiliar.


  36. Bless you Max for taking this on! Raw Milk Freedom Fighter!

    Thank you!

  37. Hey Max,
    You are not alone in this! I got to speak up for raw milk in my New Hampshire government a few years ago. I appreciate what you are doing. Hang in there. With or without the government we are taking back our food supply.

  38. Thank you, Mr. Kane.

  39. Daniela Kunz says:

    Never give up the good fight! It is for people like you that America was built a long time ago. There are many more out there fighting for it all as to keep US THE PEOPLE in charge of what we really want for us! Never give up – praying for you and for this cause and that you will win this cause and that many more will not give up fighting for it all either. God bless you

  40. Ig Vigé says:

    Appreciation and gratitude, beyond measure! Thank you, friend!
    with love,

  41. Hi Max, thank you from Nova Scotia, Canada. Without folks like you to lead and pave the way, we could never hope to oust the “Milk Nazis”. Bless you for standing up for the right to choose healthy food (raw milk), and know that you have the admiration and support of many around the world!

  42. Just keeping you in my thoughts. Appreciate all that you are doing and keep up the good work. You aren’t alone!

  43. Julia Martin says:

    With you in spirit. I know there will be a judge who understands the right to chose nutrient dense food.

  44. Kimberly says:

    Hang in there, Max. You’ve got a LOT of people behind you. Standing up for what you know is right, especially against a tyrannt government, that takes a LOT of courage! You are a big inspiration undertaking this necessary, daunting task. YHWH bless you and yours!

  45. Paula Rae says:

    Thank you, Max!! A fight worth waging…

  46. I’m standing behind you, Max! All the way from Oregon! – a raw milk unfriendly state.

  47. Pharmaceuticals are a million times more dangerous to you than raw products but you don’t see them getting smeared right and left. Good for you, Max! You are supported. I am glad that there are people like you out there standing up for what is right. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Wish I could be there in person.

  48. Kristin Canty says:

    Hey Max,

    You know I’m thinking of you! Wish I could be there in person.
    Lots of positive thoughts will be with you all day tomorrow!!!


  49. GIVE US ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!! This is a fight for freedom! Life,liberty and the the pursuit of healthfulness:). Thank you for standing up for this. When you stand strong its for us all! Words alone I know cannot exspress our gratitude but we will be praying for you! (And we have seven raw milk drinkers at our house,that’s a lot of prayer:) there are not many men that are willing to stand up for what is right,no matter what. Thank you Max Kane!

  50. Thank you for standing up for our freedom!!

  51. God Bless you Max and THANK YOU for fighting and standing for our freedoms, health and really our lives.

  52. Go Max GO!!!

  53. As a small (very small) goat operation covertly spreading raw dairy products across the Land of Enchantment, I thank you for your courage! I hope you win this case, Max!!

  54. thank you max for what you are doing for all of us. if i was within driving distance, you can bet we would all be there to support you. know that we are with you in spirit! your courage is awe inspiring.

  55. djtrear@yahoo.com says:

    Max, you are a true hero in this mixed up world! Thank you.

  56. Thank you for fighting for our rights!

  57. You are a brave person to stand up to people who want to take our rights away. I admire you, Max, for fighting for what’s right! Everyone should have the freedom to choose the foods they want for themselves. We don’t need a nanny state taking away our right to that!

  58. go Max

  59. Trinette says:

    You GO!! I also sell raw milk from my little farm; I feel like a drug dealer!!

  60. Thank you, Mr. Kane! Wishing you strength from southern Maryland.

  61. Jennifer says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you!.. Stand up for what you believe in no matter how long it takes…

  62. Jennie Russell says:

    Go get them Max!

  63. Gina Malewicz says:

    Thank you for what you are doing Max! I wish everybody would stand up like you are!! May you be rewarded for what you are doing for all of us!

  64. Akladyfarmer says:

    Everyone of those lawmakers and enforcers that stand against our right to chose what we want to eat should take a last loving look at their jobs! Good Luck Mr. Kane! We the People stand with you!

  65. My thoughts and prayers are with you Max. Thank you for standing strong!

  66. Good luck tomorrow. Thanks for standing up to the man!

  67. Max
    Stand strong, stand firm, TRUST IN THE LORD and He will deliver you from these evil people. I am praying for supernatural intervention.
    Jaclyn – praying for you too!

  68. Cabernet says:

    Thank you, Max, for standing up for all our rights to eat and drink healthy, nourishing dairy!!! I’m behind you %100!

  69. Max, thank you for taking on the FDA. I admire your willingness to take a stand on principles against non-representative government. I hope you are videotaping again tomorrow. Many blessings.

  70. MJ Raichyk, PhD says:

    You have the right idea. Insisting on the Appeal is the right move. Best wishes from someone who’s seen some action in an environmental case for natural landscaping and wild crafting as a form of residential agriculture rights. They will likely try to make standing firm an act of defiance and attempt to make that a crime, but the appeal rights should hold against their attack and the publicity should make them leery of breaking the law. In our case the publicity came afterwards and made them cautious later, but not in time. Glad you’re getting good publicity. Take care of yourself and stay strong. Best wishes and thanks for your work.

  71. Raw milk saved my daughter’s teeth…Thank you for standing strong!

  72. keep up the good fight! we support you!

  73. Go Max!
    Shouts from Washington state, I lift my glass of raw milk to you.

  74. Erik Homme says:

    You are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you, Mr. Kane! You’ll never walk alone, and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  75. I have never felt stronger, since I began drinking raw milk. Thank you for all your are doing! You are not alone!
    .-= Molly Chester´s last blog ..Technique: Making Whey =-.

  76. We The People Member says:

    Raw milk saved my son’s life too, Max. We are with you 1000% — Will be praying for you -for strength and courage to stand against those who want to take away your and our God given rights to nourish our own bodies!!! We’ll do all we can to help in the rest of the US. Let us know how We The People can help you in the days to come.

  77. Thank you, Max!

  78. Thank you for fighting for our right to choose what we want to drink and drink. You’re the best!

  79. Hang in there Max, you are doing the right thing!

  80. We love you Max!!! Our family is thinking of you 🙂

  81. Gennifer Johnson says:

    My thoughts & prayers are with you as you stand up for Liberty! I am so proud of you! Stay strong & focused! God-given natural foods make you highly intelligent, so I know you will do well. You have my full support! Thank you for standing up for what is right!!

  82. Good luck Matt! Thank you for standing up against the stupidity against raw milk. I hope this all works out well. Just remember you have a lot of supporters here, even if it doesn’t look like it in the court room.

    .-= Teran McKinney´s last blog ..Moving on… =-.

  83. chrystal says:

    What they are doing is not right. Hang in there.

  84. Thanks for taking the STAND!! Praying for you this morning.

  85. Good luck Max! We support you all the way to the end!

  86. Max,
    Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But, to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength. You are our strength Max!

  87. This fight over food choice freedom is just part of a much bigger move to take complete control of our food over the whole world (along with animal id, etc.). Max, your part in this fight would seem small in the light of that but it is not. Every time someone stands up and says, “I will not.”, it is HUGE. We are reminded of the fight in Britain to stop slavery. ONE man stood up and said I will not. He was told he was crazy – the forces he was up against were global and powerful – but in the end, with the grace of God, he prevailed. This fight, too, is about slavery to powerful global forces. We are praying for you, Max, that you will have strength, wisdom and courage. You are doing the RIGHT THING. You are a True Patiot. Now, how many other Americans are prepared to pay the price as well? Freedom is never free…

  88. Max Kane says:

    When The People still care, they can change the World! ….in many ways Raw Milk is a symptom of a much bigger issue. What we are really dealing with is the never ending fight against slavery, which can show its face in many forms. In this situation slavery is taking the form of controlling what a person can and cannot eat. We have a country founded on the premise that each man, woman, and child owns his or her own body. If a person owns their body, who decides what food they eat?

  89. Kimberly Hartke says:

    This just in from Max:

    Max went to his deposition, and right before the meeting he filed a motion for release pending appeal with the clerk of the court.

    He walked in to the deposition with the Dept of Ag (DATCP) attorney, Dept of Justice attorney, and an investigator. About 1 dozen concerned farmers and citizens joined Max at the meeting, including Scott Trautman a dairy farmer who has been shut down by DATCP since last fall for suspected raw milk sales. Search this blog for my story, Trautman Dairy Shut Down.

    Max entered the deposition, shook hands with the attorneys and served them the stay of the order and a letter explaining why he filed the stay (he will lose his right to appeal if he talks now). His letter and motion stood in place of him at the deposition.

    Max left the room and his supporters remained with the attorneys for an hour. The discussion was all filmed on video by Max’s supporters.

    A reporter in the room was told that the deposition was going to be closed and that he wouldn’t be able to be in the room.

    The deposition never happened and the meeting went on and interesting discussions were held on the raw milk bill, Scott Trautman’s troubles with the state (he recently failed an inspection after upgrading his facility in an attempt to get a cheese license. He did everything he was told to do, spent thousands and was still flunked, he feels it is a personal vendetta).

  90. Im supporting you from PA!! Its terrible you have to go through all this, I really hope all ends well, and the system changes!!! Good luck! Hang in there.

  91. Thank you Max for supporting our freedom. This country is better with people like you.

  92. We’re praying for you, Max! Thanks for fighting for our rights to eat and drink what we want! You are wonderful!

  93. I read with interest what goes on south of the 49th. We have the same govt control issues in Canada. I hope the bill in WI goes through and sparks more citizen oriented actions on the part of the people who are elected by the people.

  94. “When The People still care, they can change the World! ….in many ways Raw Milk is a symptom of a much bigger issue. What we are really dealing with is the never ending fight against slavery, which can show its face in many forms. In this situation slavery is taking the form of controlling what a person can and cannot eat. We have a country founded on the premise that each man, woman, and child owns his or her own body. If a person owns their body, who decides what food they eat?” Max Kane– This is not simply an american issue. I agree the government controls enslave us and would have us deny our own innate knowledge. This goes on on many levels- from westernised health care to food stuffs and the businesses spawned by them. Question everything, do more than just read labels. Thanx Max.

  95. Meanwhile there are real criminals out there….

  96. oh yes there are criminals everywhere, and idiots, and stupid people.

  97. Kiera NAILED it. The more control the government has (TAKES), the less liberty we have.

    Don’t give up, MAX! I heard you at the hearing. What a story!

  98. …and yet processed foods are legal, and cigarettes. I trust my local farmers and the thousands of years of humanity consuming raw milk. Thanks Max for standing up to the nonsense. We are watching from TN and hope WI smartens up and sees the facts and the truth is on your (our) side!


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