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Dr. Tom Cowan, M.D. on Raw Milk


Dr. Tom Cowan Speaking at Wise Traditions 2009

Raw Milk and the Path to Healing

Reprinted from The Fourfold Path to Healing, with permission from author,  Dr. Tom Cowan

Another critical nutrient for adrenal function is vitamin B6, which participates in carbohydrate metabolism and glucocoricoid regulation. Animal products are the richest source of vitamin B6. This water-soluble nutrient is very heat sensitive and thus is primarily available through unheated animal foods. It is therefore logical to conclude that one factor contributing to an increase in allergic and inflammatory illnesses this century is our abandonment of raw milk and other unheated animal products in the diet.


This Text is from Cowan's Book

Vitamin C is also crucial to adrenal function, and here I specifically mean the complex of substances that occur naturally with vitamin C, not just plain ascorbic acid. Some of these substances, such as quercetin, are well known for their anti-allergic effects, while other cofactors such as bioflavonoids, manganese and copper are also in short supply in the modern diet. Vitamin C complex is mostly found in unheated food from many sources such as fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables eaten raw or lightly steamed, sprouted seeds and fermented foods–raw sauerkraut is an especially rich source of Vitamin C. It is interesting to note that Native Americans included small amounts of foods such as pine needles and raw buffalo adrenal glands in their diets in order to protect themselves from illnesses similar to those of adrenal cortex insufficiency; and until the mid-20th century, the basic source of vitamin C complex for Americans was raw cow’s milk.

The disappearance of raw milk, which supplies in abundance the nutrients vital to adrenal function–cholesterol, B6 and vitamin C, along with the fat-soluble activators necessary for their utilization–is probably the single fundamental reason that allergies and chronic inflammatory diseases have steadily increased during the last few decades. With all the stress that modern life puts on the adrenal gland, perhaps the greatest stress of all has been a dietary one, in which hormone treated, pasteurized skim milk from unhealthy cows kept in barns and given inappropriate feed has replaced fresh, raw, whole milk from healthy pasture fed cows.

And a few paragraphs, later, this gem…

A key component of the healing diet is high -quality butter and cultured cream. There is no need to skimp on these beneficial fats. Whole, raw dairy products from local pasture-fed cows can be beneficial, not only because such products will be rich in nutrients, but also milk from cows that eat local grasses, pollens and weeds actually introduces these plant antibodies into the milk, thereby partly “immunizing” the consumer against these allergens. An old remedy for hay fever and asthma was colostrum (first milk) from cows that eat local grasses and weeds. (Incidentally, since cows enjoy eating poison ivy this colostrum treatment also helps people who suffer from poison ivy dermatitis.)

Blogger Kimberly Hartke is publicist for the Weston A. Price Foundation.

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  1. I am always surprised by the number of people willing to argue that processed foods are better for you than real foods. It’s baffling just how far removed most of us have become from our food supply.

    Articles like this bring the point home again. If you want to be as healthy as possible, eat like your grandparents did.

    I’m so happy that I finally found a local cow share so I can have raw milk again. It’s great to see more and more people catching on and finding ways around the insane ban most states have.
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..Using pH Strips And Where to Buy Them =-.

  2. This book is next on my list to buy! I am really interested to hear more confirmation on what I have already read and learned about adrenal function. I am eating sauerkraut daily, but I’m frustrated because I can’t have dairy right now…it gives me a terrible runny nose. But I’m going to start a raw vit. b complex vitamin from whole foods that will hopefully help me heal and be able to consume dairy without symptoms!!!
    .-= robin´s last blog ..Chocolate Birthday Cake =-.

  3. Melissa, I think most people just do not know that processed foods are totally inferior to traditional foods. The ignorance of most people on nutrition is stunning, but not surprising. The government, the schools, most of the medical profession, most health related organizations, the food industry, and most of the media all promote nutrient poor modern foods that will not sustain health, while demonizing the traditional foods that can keep us vital and healthy.

    The last words of Dr. Weston A Price were” you teach, you teach, you teach!”.

    .-= Stanley Fishman´s last blog ..Podcast Interview about Grassfed Meat =-.

  4. The disappearance of raw milk, which supplies in abundance the nutrients vital to adrenal function–cholesterol, B6 and vitamin C, along with the fat-soluble activators necessary for their utilization–is probably the single fundamental reason that allergies and chronic inflammatory diseases have steadily increased during the last few decades.

    Come on now, don’t you think Dr. Cowan is being just a little bit fanatical here? After all, what does real food have to do with health anyway? LOL!
    .-= Michael´s last blog ..RSS Feed And Coconut Milk =-.

  5. How interesting– I can’t believe I skipped that tidbit about vitamin C being essential for adrenal function. Makes so much sense, of course.

    Thomas Cowan is great– his article in the last WAPF quarterly was so good that I showed it to everyone I could!!
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..The home-roast (how easy it is) =-.

  6. Cheryl Hadden says:

    This article proves what I’ve been trying to tell my adult children for the last couple of years. It does matter what you eat and drink and that raw milk is the best thing to get all the nutruients you need to stay healthy.
    I stopped drinking the local dairy farm milk, had to cut cost.
    It didn’t take long before I started getting weaker, pulled a muscle in my leg, began feeling run down and just didn’t have the energy I had before.
    I had a busy life and just tried to push on thru, thinking that it was just the stress and that maybe cutting back on some things would help, you know, take a break, let my older children handle some of my routine.
    It didn’t work, I kept getting weaker, less able to do things.
    Then around just before around Thanksgiving I got sick, thouht it was just a bad cold. By mid-December I had to be rushed to the hospital. They told me it was pneumonia!
    Took forever to get over and that was with antibiotics and lots of raw garlic!
    That is not me, I don’t get colds, no less pneumonia!
    This was also about the time I ran out of my Cod Liver Oil capsules. I was so sick I didn’t remember to get refills.
    I was shown to be extremely low on Vitamin D and was given a prescription for some.
    In less than a year I had gone completely downhill and felt I had aged about 20 yrs!
    I was also on high blood pressure meds. I found that they deplete my body, plus was the cause of the pneumonia by drying out my body too much. I had to quit taking them to get well, it was that bad.
    I’ve started back on my milk, Cod Liver Oil caps and vitamin suppliments.
    It’s expensive, but I can’t afford to get sick and stay sick.
    Now even my kids believe that nutrition is the key to good health.
    I can’t wait until they rule that raw milk is available everywhere for everyone!


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