Interview with Mark McAfee, Raw Dairy Farmer

Baby, I Like it Raw from Sickly Cat Network on Vimeo.

John Byrd III Interviews Mark McAfee, California Dairyman

Mark McAfee owner of Organic Pastures Dairy is articulate, passionate and wild. He wore a kilt to give a keynote address at the raw milk symposium!

He is definitely a braveheart when it comes to promoting his product, and belief in sustainable dairy farming. I am proud to introduce him to you today if you haven’t met him yet.



He runs the largest raw dairy in the country, in California, a state where raw milk, cream and butter are available on retail shelves and at farmers markets. His business is consumer driven, when he first started farming, consumers approached him, asking for a grass fed, unprocessed milk product.

His huge business today is in response to that need. Families of all religions, politics, socio-economic status, are choosing raw milk to build their bodies strong. They always say, all trends start in California, and what I have noticed especially, is that all health trends seem to start there and then head east.

Check out this video when you have time. It’s illuminating and electrifying!

Meet Mark McAfee, the human light bulb!

He is a Hero of Sustainable Agriculture, for real.

See Mark’s article, Real Food Stimulus Boon to Economy and Health of Americans.

John Byrd, III is founder of the Sickly Cat blog (named after the Pottenger cat studies), and he is now producing informative videos. This cat is cool!

Kimberly Hartke is the publicist for, The Campaign for Real Milk, a project of the Weston A. Price Foundation.


  1. Mark, your boundless energy and passion for raw milk still amazes me!! You rock!!!
    Danna in Nebraska


    What an awesome guy, great info., dynamic speaker and as real as they come!!!


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