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U.S. Government Has Two Policies on Cheese: Eat It, Don’t Eat It.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Photo Extremist

FTCLDF Board member and Attorney, Steve Bemis, ponders the duplicitous nature of our federal government’s attitudes on cheese. This excerpt is taken from his recent article on the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund website.

FDA and USDA: Cheese is Serious!

by Steve Bemis

I’ve been wondering, why does one part of the USDA promote cheese consumption while another says it’s an unhealthy source of too much fat? As I ponder, I assume USDA has thought about the conflict at a policy¬†level (maybe too generous, but safer than assuming they don’t think), and I imagine the decision: “Hell, promoting more cheese on pizzas means megabucks to big dairy, so go for it. Never mind the health impacts which we also warn about, since anyone eating this kind of cheese-thick food won’t change their behavior anyway. Sure, foodies will jump on us for the conflict, but that noise will blow over and the megabucks will still roll in for the industry.”

Read the rest of Steve Bemis’ opinion editorial on the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund website.

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