Woman Poisoned by Pesticides Speaks Out on S510

Photo of Ho'okipa Lookout, Ho'okipa is the Hawaiian word for Hospitality. Usher believes Corporations have Overstayed their Welcome in Hawaii.

Photo Credit: Kimberly Usher

The Choice Between Corporate Food vs. Earth Food

by Guest Blogger, Kimberly Usher, Antiphospholipid and Pesticide Effects Blog

Food monopolies are poisoning our Good Earth food by over-spraying pesticides, which contaminates our food, and our bodies. Pesticides can be absorbed through the skin. Encounters with pesticides, and their effects have oversight from people in government positions who have worked for the corporate food entities. The bottom line for corporate food is profit, and the bottom line for Good Earth food is health.

The facts are all there; the Good Earth food for health has more nutrition, while the Corporate food has none, or very little…this is why the Codex Alimentarius Treaty, with the WTO, is important to the corporate food groups…in the Codex Alimentarius Treaty, which will be ratified by Congress with the passing of the Food Safety Modernization Laws (S510, HR2749), the legal standard for the amount of nutrition in foods will go down, and the legal standard for poisons in our food go up…It is that simple.

And this will affect the entire world, as this is an international treaty.

Not one word was mentioned on the Senate floor, publicly, about Codex nutrition and chemicals, Monsanto, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), factory farms food and animal problems. Not one word about the USDA already seizing, and targeting who they “believe” are problems in the system (who happen to be organic and natural health stores, and farms). Not a single mention of the FDA and other government agencies involved in the so called revolving door with Monsanto; where Monsanto employees are moving back, and forth between government positions (Isn’t that really a con’s Piracy?). Not a peep about the suffering of the soil, and problems from GMOs.


In S.510 there is a reference to changing USC Code and Federal Law. In 2 strike outs, and insertions; the government will have the right to condemn a farm or its products with merely the “reason to believe.” How would you win in court if you had a problem with a USDA inspector who believes something you didn’t?

Flabbergasting and bold…We must stand, and support our Senators. Give them courage to stand against Corporate Fascism. “Everything Hitler did was legal,” as Martin Luther King pointed out.

Over-spray and misuse of chemicals, and pesticides creates a situation where we have to choose. Do we want Corporate or Good Earth food?  I vote for the Good old Earth…All are here today of the Blessing and the Bounty of the Good Earth. Let’s call our Senators now; to protect our Good old Earth.

Kimberly Usher lives on Maui.


Kimberly Usher

A child of the military/industrial/complex she has grown to understand the problems of chemicals in our environment and bodies, personally. Injured, and disabled by pesticides she finds no doctors will admit, or put the information in her medical chart. After 4 exposures in the last 15 years leaving her crippled, unable to move and in pain on the scale above 10, she has some room to talk here. And hopes the Thanksgiving Blessing will also include our water, because there is another bill S.787 doing the same to our water in this Lame Duck session. Visit Kimberly’s blog on pesticide poisoning.

What You Can Do

The S.510 vote will be on Monday November 29th.

See S510 Action Alert by Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Here is another Action Alert on S 510 and Update on S510 Food Safety Legislation put out by the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Now call your Senator and voice your support for food safety, via a local, decentralized food system.  S510 is not the way to accomplish the changes we really need!

This post is part of the Fight Back Friday blog carnival, see more food activist ideas on Food Renegade blog.


  1. Everything in this article is true, horribly true..

    S510 will do absolutely nothing to make food safer. Nothing.

    Rather than being called “The Food Safety Modernization Act”, it could be called the “Chemicalize all Food for Corporate Profits Act”. because that is exactly what it will do.

    S510 will give the FDA complete control of growing and storing crops, and it will have the power to make every farm follow the methods the FDA requires.

    The FDA favors GMOs, massive pesticide use, and the use of chemicals and irradiation to “make food safe”.

    As pointed out in the article, individuals move from Monsanto and other large Agricultural Industry corporations in to high positions in government agencies, and back to the corporations again, in a revolving door scenario that gives these corporations total control of the agencies that are supposed to protect us from them.. The agencies will have the power to force every farmer to use the products and methods of the big corporations, under threat of being shut down.

    The current deputy director of the FDA is Micheal Taylor, who was working for Monsanto when he was appointed to the position. He also happens to be the President’s “food safety czar”.

    By giving the government the ability to destroy a farm just because “they have reason to believe” something is unsafe, the government can shut down any farm in the country, no matter the fact that nobody became even mildly ill.
    All food contains a safety risk to somebody, no matter how tiny.

    You think this is crazy? Ask the farm family that owns Morningland Dairy, which has been making raw cheese for 30 years, without a single report of illness. Ask the farm family that owns the Estrella Family Creamery, which has been making award winning cheese for many years, also without a single report of illness. The agencies, including the FDA, has shut them down, and they are fighting for their very survival.

    If S510 was the law, these families would have no ability to fight for the survival of their farms.

    If S510 becomes law, the big corporations will be able to use their servants in the government to ban the growing of real food and force every farmer to raise pesticide and chemical soaked factory food, which is all that will be available.

    We cannot let this happen.I ask everybody who wants to be able to eat good food to contact their Senators and insist that they vote down this corporate power grab, which could be the end of real food.

    • Aloha,
      We are Maui are still fighting hard after all these years…
      At this point we have a moratorium in place against Monsanto and Mycogen (Dow) for a study that they will pay for by use…And meanwhile they cannot operate…Gut, it is in Federal Court…We got (me) got the 1st judge to recuse himself-but not until after he had ruled against Kauai, and Hawaii, Big Island for conflict of interest. The Earth Justice lawyer said he wasn’t going to bring it up…That his wife was the brains behind this University of Hawaii and Bio-tech mergers. They even have a vaccination program it turns out with 300 clinical trials testing GMO vaccines on the people of Hawai’i. The Tops guns of the U of H even set up a corporations so they can make money off of this. Called Hawaii Biotech
      The new judge has a husband who was in charge of the states ethics board or commission who became unethical, but it is hard to pin down…They might run out of judges soon!

      As for S.410 and the Food Safety Modernization Act…here’s what happened…

      S.510 includes…
      (a) In General- Section 304(h)(1)(A) (21 U.S.C. 334(h)(1)(A)) is amended by–
      (1) striking `credible evidence or information indicating’ and inserting `reason to believe’; and
      (2) striking `presents a threat of serious adverse health consequences or death to humans or animals’ and
      inserting `is adulterated or misbranded under section 403(w)

      How is it possible to ever win in court if whatever the Gov. Believes is the law?. Only Kings do that!

      A reminder…

      I checked last week (again) to show how this was passed…

      Not like is shown…Because I was there on C-Span I know…
      I know that everyone had left for Christmas break in the Senate…Harry Reed walked in (after the cameras were shut off for C-Span) and announced the bill…
      Asked to pass the bill….
      No one objected…No one objected because no one else was there to object.
      The bill passed!

      No transcript available either.

      Is this how we make laws in the USA?

      YUP…We have to fight hard and then see that!

      Keep the Faith…
      God is going to take care of us all. 🙂
      Kimberly <3

      • sorry about my spelling errors…I’m feeling better and can walk now….
        I also just got a part part-time job, and plan on living until I’m 100 or better…My Grandmother lived to 113…

        Eating right, and taking walks…I ditched the pain pills in the beginning and think doing that works in our favor. Be tough! And also take.

        • I meant take care of yourself…
          And also that Monsanto and Mycogen will pay for a study that we do…
          The County of Maui has turned against the people who actually collect petition signatures, and got it on the ballot…We won that too…But, Monsanto PR person is playing tennis with the mayor…Which I do not believe…His health is so bad…but, they have pictures! LOL

          Another amazing thing was during the S.510 Senate hearings this happened…

          I used to use this twitter account…but during the s.510 fight was locked out, along with a FB fight page that had gotten 17,000 hits that day, my personal FB page and my blog…Twiitter showed up by itself this year…It had been 4 years… ;p
          I did a lot of damage…But, then they cheated and passed it…
          I pulled out my fax machine and continued to kick their ass by faxing them all…in the US Senate…Harry Reed had just said, “Everyone keep calm we will get this sorted out!” and bang I was out of the picture…Everything went down…Did not recognize the address for any of my stuff said did not exist…But Google me!
          Then I googled myself and entered into all my stuff that way! Back doors…
          twitter ireirainbow

          And I did all laying on my back and barely able to move my arms too!!!

          Doing that helped me to survive and gave me the will to live from “Serious and Grave” condition…which is pesticide poisoning!


          • And one more thing…The Dept. of Health came and found the place where I live has a poison in the soil…And we need a ground cover here to protect ourselves. The maintenance men are not allowed to spray pesticides here anymore…
            But, then the county started to poison in the river 20 feet grom my apartment and yard…I had to fight a couple of years over that…It has stopped, but still need to make them stop dumping the sediments from a water tank for drinking into the river…
            Can you believe this…Move the water tank…
            Also, they were spraying atrazine all over town, and I stood in front of the county council and accused them of murder, in a nice round about way…because 2 people died 9 days later after 1 spray that I walked through…My mouth became swollen, my tongue too…Then my tooth abscessed…The 2 who died had heart problems…Pesticide makes your blood stick together and clot…
            When I reviewed my testimony on you tube I saw that they had blocked out part of the testimony of the man who came before me…He was telling what lab reports said of the 5 pesticides they found that had over sprayed his home by a sugar cane field. My my…My daughter lives a block away…
            Lots going on…

            In our –Monsanto Vs. Maui Citizens…The State of Hawaii did the same thing to help the poisoner by saying they would do testing then the testing sites were no where near what I thought were the places to test, and they only did like 3 or 4 on Maui…Unlucky for them next to a bird sanctuary they found a pesticide that is not allowed or approved to be used…Then we never heard another word about the testing…
            I know this island is covered with Dioxin and it comes from the mills smoke stack- besides from the burning of cane to harvest after they spray to dry it for the burn and all the other spraying they do…
            I live in a spot that was the pesticide mixing house…it has 2-4xs the safe amount of ?DIOXIN? and Arsenic…Imagine that …and this site probably only operated for 40 years…1970 to now is 40 more years of spraying and burn …Into 33,000 acres…Next to the ocean and if not the water is direct ed to run-off into the ocean…
            There is no testing.
            Silence is the same as admitting guilt…

            Thank-you for believing in me.

  2. They are only poisoning themselves too in the process (the FDA and all).
    I am tired of the power given to these large corporatations wielding the power and the large government organizations doing the same!

  3. We Canadians need to be aware, that what happens in the US usually happens in Canada also. Monsanto is opening a huge new facility in Manitoba. Our prairie farmers grow thousands of tons of monsanto grain.
    When you shop in grocery stores, the shelves are full of monsanto vegetables and it’s impossible to buy products that aren’t full of garbage. I was reading the labels on peanut butter and it’s chock full of garbage, it’s impossible to my mayonnaise without canola and soy oil, all soy product is gm, canola is gm modified rapeseed oil. All corn products are gm, and it’s virtually impossible to buy grocery store food that doesn’t have some kind of gm corn derivative in it.

  4. You really must be out of your mind. S.510 doesn’t ratify a treaty.

    Nothing in this Act (or an amendment made by this Act) shall be construed in a manner inconsistent with the agreement establishing the World Trade Organization or any other treaty or international agreement to which the United States is a party.

    = RATIFIES through silence to oppose the treaty in any way with this bill, and shows our compliance with the treaty. What is really crazy is we let it get this far, that a few slick words can let this treaty pass through, and that people think that our courts will take care of it all in the end.

    Elena Kagan, while working in a position for the United States government, wrote the brief for Monsanto in the recent (this past spring) Supreme Court case involving GMO Alfalfa. Monsanto’s lawyer said that our objections to GMOs was psychologically based. I don’t know about anyone else, but when someone tells me I am imagining things, I show them the door. A fallacy in such an argument, should have been pointed out by the court. And it wasn’t.

    Codex Alimentarius Treaty was signed by President Obama, while our eyes, and ears were on the Gulf.of Mexico, destroyed by BP. BP by the way is the biggest SHELL fish/shrimp farm/feed producer in the world. And guess what else…The Mineral Management Service (MMS), the same one that was supposed to over see BP oversees the seafood farms in the US. The MMS will also have the reason to believe powers. BP has also bought Monsanto EU.

    We can either take it back, or take it; and turn our backs.

    Going to court while our children are poisoned, crippled, and changed in ways unimaginable. We only know the traits of GMOs because, that is what we are told. I will not even go into nano-pesticides. But, will tell you Du Pont had a patent for a grain granted, this past spring, with the traits to change the lipids of a fish to develop more fat. My illness has a symptom called Antiphospholipid Syndrome, and I think outside the box on the pollen and lipids.

    Yes, NO, some are out of their mind, and it is a psychopathic mind. I suggest you read Mark Twain’s letter, “You are an idiot in the 33rd degree” on the Letters of Note website. Where he severely whips a patent drug salesman unlucky enough to cross his path.

    The paths are many…In reality. Focus on the perception we are shown, and take a look behind Senator’s posturing on the floor. The public is being lulled into a false sense of confidence in S 510. The Tester Amendment amounts to putting lipstick on a pig. It’s still a pig, and it still needs to be slaughtered.

    And we need to keep our eyes on the ball, measuring our wealth by our children’s health and happiness.

  6. What happened to this S510, HR2749? I hope there is an update on this issue.

  7. It is true that there are many who are diseases or are dyeing due to the harmful pesticides in food.Good that she has spoken out to make others aware that it should be refused upfront.


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