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by Kimberly Hartke


Exotic yet Simple, Cultured Foods Take your Palate to Far Away Places!

Jenny of Nourished Kitchen is a full time blogger (meaning successful at making money with her blog) and is passionate about real food and traditional cookery. She once subscribed to a whole food, vegan diet, and described today on Kelly the Kitchen Kop that her most difficult passage in her food journey was adding meat back into her diet.

Her favorite traditional foods, however, are cultured foods, and as a former vegetarian myself, I have discovered cultured vegetables to be the greatest gift we can give to the vegetarians and vegans among us.

Cultured veggies are higher in Vitamin C, and culturing preserves these foods and helps them even get more flavorful with age. For vegans who are getting a little weary of raw vegetables, culturing opens up new horizons, and maybe a way back to discovering traditional eating patterns.


Jenny McGruther

Jenny is now offering a wonderful How to Ferment Anything! online class which includes training in fermenting all kinds of vegetables. One section of the course, for the meat inclined, will cover fermented meat and fish. Class members will learn how to make corned beef, bacon, gravlax, and how to ferment their own anchovies.

Just this morning, I had some home cured bacon bits in scrambled eggs, and you just can’t imagine the intriguing flavor and nuances possible from a home cure! Other foods I love to ferment are cranberries, cabbage, cucumbers, and condiments like salsa, mayonnaise and ketchup. See my recipe page for several of my fermenting projects!

Make the first step to adding culture to your cuisine, by signing up for the How to Ferment Anything! class. Wether you are a home cook or a fine dining chef, you’ll love this artisan food preparation skill! Jenny is offering an incentive to sign up, a Coupon Code good through Monday: SOURPICKLES will take $20 OFF.

If you have never taken an online class here is what to expect. Take the class at your leisure, once you have the access passcode, you download the lessons as you have time to do them. The lessons will include video and written materials and actual recipes you can try at home to wow your family and friends, with your new found culture.

Here is a video sneak peak of what you will learn in the class:

Sign up for the class on this webpage: How to Ferment Anything!

Kimberly Hartke is a Real Food Media Blogger and an affiliate of Jenny’s e-course. This means a commission will be earned for every student her blog inspires to take the course.

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