An Open Letter to Poland on Raw Milk

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Sometime within the last 18 months, Polish schools switched from serving un-homogenized, pasteurized milk to UHT (ultra-high temperature) pasteurized and homogenized milk.

According to today’s guest blogger, unpasteurised milk (otherwise known as raw or farm fresh milk) is, by some quirk of justice, banned in Poland; the only country in Europe (apart from Scotland) to do this. Everyone in Poland who lives near a farm or near someone with a house cow, has access to it anyway, so the ban only affects towns people.

This ban is probably illegal. According to European Union regulations, unpasteurised milk can only be withheld from sale by a member state if there is strong proof of detrimental health affects. Of course, there are not any such problems in Poland.

The following letter is translated into Polish and is going out to the press, to Sir Julian’s email list and to government officials.

Real Milk or Dangerous Imitation?

by Guest Blogger Sir Julian Rose

It has recently come to my attention that school children in Poland are being given heat treated, homogenised milk in Primary schools and even in kindergartens. This situation jeopardises the future health and welfare of these children because UHT (ultra heat treated milk) is a distorted and denatured food and homogenisation further increases the level of denaturing.

Ultra heat treated milk kills off the beneficial bacteria which would otherwise help to develop a strong immune system, a well developed bone structure and a properly functioning digestive system.

Homogenisation makes the cream (which normally floats to the top of the milk) and the milk into one consistency. This is achieved by forcing the milk/cream through a finely punctured copper plate at high pressure. The fat globules are fractured and broken down causing distortion of the milk’s casein proteins. This leads the milk to become a largely indigestible product. Homogenised heat treated milk has been linked with heart disease due to clogging of the arteries.

It is not possible to compare this product with fresh undistorted cows milk, which is one of the most nourishing and vitamin rich foods available. In fact, untreated cows milk has been recognised as being ‘a total food’ with only a mother’s breast milk being superior.

So what is going on?

We cannot risk our children’s health for the sake of some crude marketing venture which makes pretty packets and nice stories about its contents so as to lure children (and parents) into believing they are ingesting something that they are not.

Parents – not only in Poland but everywhere – need to remind themselves of what Real Milk really is. A trip to the countryside and a sampling visit to a well run family farm should be top of the agenda for anyone who has forgotten the difference between real food and junk food. Parents carry a big level of responsibility for ensuring their children get the best food available to them. Compromising here is both irresponsible and dangerous. It is in the first 10 to15 years of life that a growing person’s future health is either secured or jeopardised.

Corporate control over the food chain has put us all at risk. The quality of food in today’s large supermarket chains is incomparable with what one can pick in one’s own garden, dig up in the field or buy from your farmer neighbour. Behind the average supermarket heavily packaged and mass produced product lies a lifeless denatured food that should never be allowed onto the market. Don’t be fooled by the seductive logo or pretty pictures. They are there to corrupt your ability to be discerning. But the house cow is worth her weight in gold – just try the butter or soured milk and cheese and watch the pleasurable reaction of the child who still has uncorrupted taste buds and a  proper appetite.

If we claim that we love our children we will need to demonstrate it by making good quality food a first priority. The primary schools and kindergarten’s that feed their attendees on ultra heat treated/homogenised milk are failing both the children and themselves. This practice must be stopped; and instead, high quality fresh milk should be sourced from local farms. This will have the added benefit of helping to support those farmers who still care about food quality.

There is no excuse for inaction once one has been made aware. Tell your school that your child must not be given denatured milk products and that you will not support the current policy of supplying such foods.

If you are still in doubt about the benefits of real, fresh milk, you might be reassured to know that the Queen of England drinks nothing less.

Sir Julian Rose

Sir Julian Rose

Sir Julian Rose, Ex-dairy farmer and founder: ‘UK Campaign for Real Milk’ and the Association of Unpasteurised Milk Producers and Consumers.

Sir Julian Rose is a speaker at the upcoming Wise Traditions, UK, the second London conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation, to be held on March 26, 2011. For more details about this event, visit

Sir Julian Rose is a British Royal who has turned his family estate into a model of sustainable farming. He led the battle to keep raw milk legal in the United Kingdom, and now is a co-director of a campaign for a GMO-free Poland.

See more posts by Sir Julian on his guest blogger page. now has a new page of posts detailing the status of raw milk, abroad. For a more global perspective on this issue, please see Raw Milk Around the World.


  1. Well said. The dead, processed, chemicalized, “food” found in supermarkets is vastly inferior to the food from real farms. Real food supports health in a way that dead food never can. Perhaps the real question to ask is whether children should get the best, or the worst.

    • Children indeed deserve the best. They are our future. Our food supply
      is being dumbed down just like everything else. I appreciate Sir
      Julian’s efforts to reconnect parents with the source of their food.
      Thanks, Stan for stopping by the blog this morning!

  2. This article is fabulous & Poland is lucky to have Sir Julian Rose speaking on behalf of them!

  3. I think decision is right at some point of time but today’s time everything is diluted so you can’t say that rest of the things are pure. If Poland thinks that it’s right decision for their country and we should honor it rather than creating any hype.

    • Unfortunately this type of attitude is what gives corrupt corporations to sabotage our food without any accountability

  4. Here is an attorney in Minnesota defending raw milk in the court of public opinion! He shares some interesting info about raw milk colostrum therapy!

  5. WOW – this was a shocker. I am so glad there are people standing up to take action!!

  6. Thank you! I love it — will share widely.


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