Taste of Slovenia : A Real Food Tour

by Guest Blogger, Sylvia P. Onusic, PhD


Terraced Grape Vines at Biljana winery, in Goriska Brda, Slovenia's wine region

Join Bloggers, Sylvia Onusic and Kimberly Hartke for a Vacation of a Lifetime!

June  5-12, 2011

“My Homeland, when God created thee, he blessed thee with both Hands and said, Merry People will live here.” –Ivan Cankar, Slovenian poet and writer

Experience the beauty of Slovenia and its rich culinary diversity during seven days of magic where you will feel, taste and smell the riches of this small country which stands at the crossroads of Europe. Your accomplished guides will lead you through the ultimate culinary experience as you eat and drink your way through the traditional foods of the Alpine peaks, valleys and glacial lakes; rolling wine terraces, fruit orchards, olive groves and villages of the Coast; the Vipava Valley under the Nanos Mountains, the mysterious Karst ,the forests of Notranjska, and the medieval capital city of Ljubljana.


Tour a Farmers Market in Slovenia's Capital City

Numerous microclimates and terroirs shape the country into distinct culinary districts, each using special local ingredients. Local foods are a big part of Slovenian culture: “Because of our small size, all foods are local,” says Professor of Dairy Science at the University of Ljubljana, Irena Rogel, PhD.   Real food has always been extremely important to Slovenes and the emphasis is on “domaca (pronounced-domacha)” :   fresh, local, natural, home-made foods. Traditional foods continue to hold a special place in Slovenian cuisine and are protected by law.


See the Ancient Castles of Slovenia

The tour will not only immerse you in the culinary heritage set in a breath-taking country side, but introduce you to the farmers, the dairymen, the vintners, the charcutiers, cooks and owners of small inns, and those who carry on the traditional methods of growing and preparing foods.


Food in Slovenia is indeed fresh, local, natural and also… Slow. For those interested in Slow Food, we will visit the vineyard Movia in the Goriska Brda region bordering on Italy, headed by the founder of Slow Food Slovenia, Aleš  Kristancic, whom  Wine Spectator calls the “Magician of Movia.”  We will tour Movia’s cellars. Another stop on our tour will be in the village of Goce in the Vipava Valley to have “ Slow Food “at the renowned Cejkotova Domacija.

We will be walking quite a lot, climbing steps and gentle mountain paths.


Colorful Slovenian Beehouses

Your Hosts


Visit the quaint town of Bled, Slovenia with Sylvia as your Guide

Sylvia worked in Ljubljana for six years for the Slovenian government, living like a native Slovene. On the weekends, as Slovenes do, she and her family returned to the country where they “lived local” at a farm house in the village of Kozarišce near the Castle Sneznik, where her grandparents were born. During that time she traveled extensively throughout the country. These days she returns every year to continue her exploration of  the culinary regions of Slovenia.

Kimberly is the publicist for the Weston A Price Foundation, a real food media.com blogger, and the publisher of hartkeisonline.com. She first became interested in Slovenia when she published Sylvia’s stories about the “milk-o-matic,” the automatic raw milk machine available in Slovenia, and after hearing Sylvia speak about Slovenia at the Second Annual Raw Milk Symposium held in Wisconsin in May 2010.



Ecological Fish Farming in Slovenia

For a group of 15 persons, the land fare would be approximately $2400.  For those persons who would like a room all to themselves, there is a $350 single supplement. Air fare is additional. Optional Spa Holiday or Mountain Holiday may be added to your personal itinerary for an extra fee.

How to Sign Up

“There is no love sincerer, than the love of food.” –George Bernard Shaw

For more details and to sign up for the trip, please contact Sylvia by email: sponusic128 at yahoo.com

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Sylvia P. Onusic, PhD. is a frequent guest blogger on Hartkeisonline. Visit the Sylvia Onusic page for her other articles.

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  1. Lovely photos, and the food sounds great!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Stan, I bet they would love your cookbook over there!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Stan, I bet they would love your cookbook over there!

  4. Wow, that sounds fabulous. I have been to Ljubljana and it is a beautiful city. Have a great time.

    • Sylvia Onusic says:

      Thanks, Augie, I came to Florida for two weeks over spring break and am spending more that the land fare for lodging and transportation.

  5. Oh poo. I wish I could come. It is a real fair price. My brother and his wife will spend 6000 just for a trip from Vancouver to Calgary on the train.


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