Q & A on Making Coconut Water Kefir

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How to Make Coconut Water Kefir

Question from a Blog Reader: I came across this product in Whole Foods, here in Naples, FL.I really like it and would like to make it at home. But where to get the probiotics to make sure they are live?  It is organic, it is derived from kefir cultures and supports probiotic flora: L-plantarum and L-paracasei, 20 billion live CFU at time of filling, it is refrigerated, this product comes from Earthsong organics in CA.

It is basically made from coconut water, with fruit pulp put in. Do we have a recipe for making something like this? Maybe one of your Real Food Media pals- would know- the one who does all the fermenting?

Thanks, Sylvia

Answer from Julie Feickert, Cultures for Health

There are two ways to make a similar beverage:

1. Add Water Kefir Grains to coconut water, cover loosely and allow to culture for 24-48 hours. At the end of the culturing period, remove the kefir grains. If the coconut water contains pulp or coconut meat, I would recommend containing the kefir grains in an unbleached cotton bag to make it easier to separate them from the pulp once the mixture is done culturing. Be sure to keep the bag fully submerged in liquid though as floating bags can attract mold. Setting a silicon spoon on the bag would do the trick, then place a clean tea towel over the spoon and rubberband the towel around the jar neck.


2. Add powdered Kefir Starter (available at some health food stores or on my site) to coconut water. Allow to culture per the manufacturer’s instructions (generally 12-48 hours).

To find cultures and coconut water visit our Resources page.

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