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Washington Post Gives Farmageddon Three Star Review


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The Washington Post film review of Farmageddon was online last evening, on the eve of the D.C. World Premiere of this important food flick. Filmmaker Kristin Canty flys into D.C. this morning for the weeklong premiere. She told me that the head of a large farming association will be at the 3pm screening today, and she is thrilled.

Tickets are selling like hotcakes for some special Meet the Filmmaker events planned by groups such as Slow Foods DC, Keep Food Legal and the Weston A. Price Foundation. I am especially pleased that the Congressional and Chef screening I planned for Monday looks like it is about to sell out!

There are 4 and 5 showings a day. After many showings over the weekend, Kristin will be on hand to answer questions, afterwards. It is recommended that you buy tix online, the theatre only holds 50 people, and any particular screening could easily sell out. Visit http://westendcinema.com for showtimes and to get tix.

Kimberly Hartke is the publicist for Weston A. Price Foundation. Filmmaker Kristin Canty is a member of the nutrition education non-profit.


  1. I am so glad you are spreading the word about this very important film.  The FDA is going after small farmers with a vengeance, and their first target is raw milk.  It is so important for people to realize that small farmers who raise real food are being driven out of business at gunpoint, by an agency that now contends it can destroy any farm without going to court. This film has the potential to raise public awareness to the point that things could change for the better.

    The film does a wonderful job of showing the frightening and oppressive nature of these farm raids, where farmers are harassed, threatened, and driven out of business for the crime of raising good food.

    This must stop!

  2. concerned 1 says:

    My daughter was listening to a fellow student in her debate class last week and the girl claimed she loved America because she knew the FDA keeps us safe.  My daughter said she had to bite her tongue to keep from speaking up because she wasn’t in the debate, only a viewer.  It drove her crazy for 3 days that this young lady believed the FDA gives a hoot about us.

    It made me proud to know that, at 16, she has been listening to what I say and reading the things I’ve shared with her.  It has to start with the kids, because most adults have already been mesmorized by the FDA.  Or they are too set in their ways to care.

    We will be seeing the film as a family!  Can’t wait!

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