Alli’s Garden


A Peaceful Place to Enjoy Nature

by Kimberly Hartke

Alli Guleria lists three Interests on her facebook page: Art, Gardening and Cooking. A tour of her organic backyard garden this past weekend confirmed that fact. Her backyard garden is truly beautiful, and all three of her interests are evident.


Colors Pop in the Flower Beds

She and her family took a completely wooded lot and cleared it for their homesite. Because of a mistake in the surveying of the property, instead of a flat backyard they ended up with terraces. The many levels in her garden give it added complexity, and the layered terrain gives the family the opportunity to create little sanctuaries on each level, with different trees, shrubs and flowers surrounding each space.


Herbs and Flowers under a Lion's Head Fountain

We started touring the garden on the second story back deck. Right outside the kitchen door was a pot of herbs accented by flowers under a wall mounted fountain. Other pots on the deck sported a colorful variety of flowers, each deck railing post was topped with a large flowering pot, and two large pots were home to an orange tree and blueberry bush.

Alli told me that this year the blueberry bush harvest was bountiful. Only one lonely berry remained on the tree!


A Karma Wheel Hangs from the Deck, Walk Thru the Arbor to Yoga Garden

We walked down the deck staircase to the first level of the backyard. From there, we walked through a white oriental arbor, down a stone path to a pink paving stone patio surrounded by shrubs. One side is profuse with white hydrangea and buzzing bees, at the far end there is a waterfall and stony river. The relaxing sound of water trickling over the rocks adds to the sensory experience of taking in the blossoms and greenery with your eyes. It is easy to see why Alli calls this the yoga garden.


A Meditative Garden Space for Sunbathing, Yoga


Bee Collecting Pollen from Hydrangea


Alli's secret vegetable garden

In a charming white picket fenced area, Alli hides her vegetable garden, which boasts 18 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, radishes, peppers, blackberries. This is such a great idea, because vegetable gardens don’t have the eye appeal of flowering trees and flower beds. During my visit she harvested a number of radishes and promised to share a recipe for them on my blog.


Working Fire-pit for Charcoal Grilling

It may look like a well, but this circular stone formation is the family’s favorite spot for grilling. They have a gas grill, but Alli much prefers the results on her built in garden grill.

There is so much more to Alli’s garden, that I will be doing another post about it, soon. I want to show you her fun ideas for decorating and accenting her garden with color and art.

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Kimberly Hartke is a health and wellness blogger, with a penchant for local foods and backyard gardening.


  1. What a beautiful garden! My family has a small garden (it’s our second year of trying it) and I am always amazed at beautiful gardens like Alli’s.

    But I do have a question: I’ve said and heard people say they don’t have a green thumb do you think that’s because we simply don’t know how?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes! I think I am learning mainly by trial and error. It is a skill
      better passed down from parent to child, or better yet we might want to
      teach in school. I know Alli has help with her garden with a fellow that
      works for a local nursery, so professional guidance is also a must.

  2. Anonymous says:

     You have such a beautiful garden, I have water garden in our home, it has a fountain to adds a lot of aesthetic appeal and it’s also attracts birds so I Enjoy the beauty of nature.


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