Eye Witness to Rawesome Raid Speaks


Yesterday's Protest of the Obscene Raid at Rawesome

Photo Credit: Ann Marie Michaels, Cheeseslave.com

Submitted to Hartke is Online by Anonymous

I have the privilege of being both a goat share holder at Evergreen Farm in San Jose as well a member of Rawesome Foods in Venice.

Something happened – not to me, per se, but in me. I must share this and am not tech savvy with access to Twitter, Facebook etc. However, I cannot express how compelled I am to share with any and everyone who might take the time to read now. As all of our time is valuable, anyone reading further has my gratitude.

As I walked away from the raided Rawesome with my empty cooler on Wednesday 8/3, I looked down at a suitcase that an agent wheeled away – with what I assume was raw dairy.

Wednesday night – just as I had been watching aghast all week – I looked thru the TV screen into the eyes of Somali women who had buried a child and had walked to a camp hoping another might receive some nourishment to spare its life.

I am an advocate of raw goat and camel dairy. Period. The politics of such is not why I write now. I speak as only a human being.

Timing is everything. Perhaps it is no coincidence that what experts are calling Africa’s most calamitous drought coincides with the crackdown on real food.

How can people of conscious reconcile this debauchery of human dignity? How? The choice to raid – across the country – results, right now, in dumping of arguably some of the most nutritious food on the planet.

The agents who dump raw dairy are people. They are following instructions and doing their job. Some may believe unpasteurized dairy is truly a health hazard. Again, I type now setting aside any debate.

I do not care if one reads this who is faith-filled, agnostic, or atheist. I am asking, though, to THINK of what it means – in the very moment – that the enormity of the atrocity in Somalia can possibly be in the same newspaper as raw dairy raids. How can this be? What does it say about who and what we are?

Do not even feel compelled to act. Who am I to suggest such? However, in the quiet of your own conscience, please ponder this world in which we ALL – whether starving or raiding to rid – come to the same table.

Note from Kimberly: Thanks for submitting these sobering thoughts about the callous and cruel culture we have become. I heard another Rawesome member say in a video today that there was a homeless shelter literally next door to the Rawesome facility. To think all this food is going to waste, just to punish one man, James Stewart. Unthinkable.

Our credit as a nation has just been downgraded by Standard & Poors. Is it any wonder. Look at the way just in this one instance we are squandering resources, wasting talent, keeping our citizens from expressing their full human aliveness and creativity, denying them the right to liberty? Condemning them and punishing them without due process. To seize $70,000 dollars worth of food and destroy it is just the height of ignorance and I hope this outcry of Anonymous’ heart reverberates all the way to Congress and the White House.

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger and I are teaming up to organize a twitter protest and educational campaign to let the world know what happened in America this week, not to bring shame on the authorities, but to hopefully wake Americans up from their complacency. He dubbed it a social media revolt.

My husband told me that the uprisings in the Middle East this Spring were only possible because of social media. Never before had the people had such power. Please, join us. Let us know in the comments below that you plan to participate. Spread the word to others! See details on Mike’s Natural News website:

The Social Media Revolt Against Government Raids on Raw Milk.

Kimberly Hartke shares on her blog the many compelling voices of the local foods movement. Let your voice be heard, submit your story via our contact page.


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