Christmas Eve at Hedgebrook Farm


Turkeys Free Roaming at Hedgebrook Farm

Keith and I took a long drive on Christmas eve. While others were shopping, cooking, wrapping, we volunteered to do some holiday deliveries for our local Hedgebrook Farm. Their normal delivery man delivers packages for a major carrier, so he was helping Santa by delivering gifts that didn’t fit into the sleigh.


Keith Visits the Pig Pen

It was a beautiful, sunny and briskly cold Christmas eve morning. We drove by many Virginia farms and ranches and saw herd after herd of peaceful, pasture grazing animals. It was so good to get away from the hustle and bustle of suburbia.

We visit Hedgebrook Farm fairly often, because we board a dairy cow there. Aster, our cow, is an adopted part of the family, so we were delighted to find out that she recently gave birth to a new calf, Angel, see photos in yesterday’s post, The Christmas Angel.


Kimberly Greeted by "the other St. Nicholas," Kitty Nicholas of Hedgebrook Farms

Kitty Nicholas the farmer came out to greet us. Kitty is 70 years young and she and her daughter Shannon run Hedgebrook Farm and a romantic, rustic, guest cabin, called The Herd’s Inn.


Peacocks are Hedgebrooks' Living Christmas Ornaments

Peacocks, goats, cows, sheep, several breeds of pigs, guinea hens and turkeys, all make their home at Hedgebrook Farm. The guinea hens are fun to watch, they scurry back and forth like sprinters. Always in motion, “they run 20 miles a day,” says Kitty.

We learned that guineas produce dark meat only (my favorite).


Spring Mountain Gap Creamery Makes Hedgebrook Milk into Cheese

The heritage Jersey cows at Hedgebrook Farm make rich, creamy milk, which is now being made into cheese by Spring Mountain Gap Creamery in West Virginia. These cows graze on a pasture, which in over 100 years has been in the Nicholas family, and it has never been sprayed with pesticides. We were so pleased to be able to buy 1/4 wheel each of two of their cheeses while at the farm.

We also were delighted to discover that five of the Jersey cows now on Geoffrey and Sally (Fallon) Morell’s P.A. Bowen Farmstead were born and raised here at Hedgebrook. So, Hedgebrook Farm now has given birth to a second cheesemaking operation, in Maryland.

Stay Amongst the Farm Animals at The Herd's Inn at Hedgebrook Farm

Hedgebrook hosts family fun days and tours can be made by appointment. Herds Inn offers year round accommodations for travelers or eco-tourists. I encourage you to make a visit to this charming farm, and learn more about how you can support them.

We are so glad we decided to volunteer our time to help the farm. We got so much joy out of our visit, we learned, once again, the lesson that it is better to give than to receive.


Hedgebrook Farms Barn and Silo

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