Resolve to Change Your Health in the New Year


Cartoonist Andy Singer,

It is not too late to make New Years Resolutions, in fact this week may be the perfect time! You may have already fallen flat on your face with some that you made before the clock struck midnight on December 31, or like me, you may have even knocked a few off your list and now have room for more goals!

I spent Sunday afternoon with two inspiring women, Sally Fallon Morell, founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation who recently started a farm and cheesemaking business, and Liz Reitzig, mother of 5 and an organizer of the Raw Milk Freedom Riders. Sally and Liz described these new endeavors, and made it all sound so easy to step out and do great things.

But the great thing I would advocate to you today, is making an effort to change your health. One small step can open up a world of exciting possibilities. That small step is to join Sally, Liz and I, as a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

One by one, individuals and families come into this organization, and become aware of the many ways to improve one’s personal health status, and give hope to the community around you. There are many volunteer opportunities, classes, workshops that you will learn about as a member. See our dietary guidelines.

Don’t settle for so-so health and compromised well-being. Strive for radiant good health and energy, soundness of mind. Regardless of your age, you can change your health indicators through nutrition, fitness and other lifestyle change efforts. Membership in WAPF will encourage you to stretch, change, grow.

Let us be your partner for making positive changes in the New Year!

Health professionals will have access to current science and alternative remedies that are just hitting the scene. Farmers will learn of innovative and traditional farming techniques to produce high quality, safe and clean food.

And, frequently, you will get action alerts via email, and learn of things you can do, from home, to improve the plight of the small farm, and advocate for a better food system.

The single most important benefit, though, is a subscription to our Wise Traditions Journal, published by Sally Fallon Morell. This quarterly periodical will give you a wealth of health and nutrition knowledge and introduce you to many thought leaders in the wellness revolution!

The cover price of the Journal is $10.00. Joining WAPF only costs $40.00. I always tell people that you subscribe to the Journal and the membership comes free!

Currently, Weston A. Price Foundation has 566 chapters worldwide, 89 of them are outside of the U.S. Our current membership is 12,850 and over 1500 of our members attend our annual Wise Traditions conference each year.

Our Weston A. Price facebook page has 26,756 fans (just think if all became members, our membership would more than double!) And our @WestonAPrice Twitter following is 7,849.

Visit our new Weston A. Price website to join online or to download a mail-in registration!

Today, a membership recruitment ad campaign begins on Your membership will support our important work restoring nutrient dense foods to the human diet, and defending our food freedoms with our educational materials with accurate science and data on health.

Happy New Year, New Lifestyle!

Kimberly Hartke is the Publicist for the Weston A. Price Foundation. Andy Singer is a self syndicated cartoonist, see more of his work on


  1. I’m happy to see the real food movement growing and so many people starting to make positive, healthy changes in their lives that go way beyond (and in a different direction from) dieting for weight loss.

    Even when the intended changes are so positive and there is good support out there such as the Weston A Price foundation, to get changes to stick I think it’s important to really look at the patterns in our lives that have got us to the place of wanting to change.

    This New Year, instead of Resolutions, I went for Recognitions.

  2. WAPF is the best organization in the world, bar none. Joining WAPF is a great way to help make the world better.

    I highly recommend the WAPF website, which just may be the best collection of nutritional wisdom on the planet.

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