Weekend Gourmet Blog Carnival, February 13, 2012

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It’s another Weekend Gourmet blog Carnival! But before we begin, I want to share a story about food and love.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So, I tried that once. When I was single, I invited a bachelor to dinner. Made him a recipe I clipped years before from Bon Appetit magazine.

I will never forget it. Chicken Hardeman was the recipe, a family recipe from a magazine reader. The kind of dinner you start making the night before. A recipe I was anxious to try, ever since finding it. Too time consuming and complicated to make for myself, but just perfect for a dinner date when I was trying to impress.

Well-lll. Didn’t quite work the way I had planned.

Let me take a step back. You need to know I had never tried to woo a man with a special dinner. And, I never made this particular recipe, before (ignoring mom’s warnings not to experiment on my dinner guests). So this was a big deal. I was sweating it. Wanting evv-verything to be peerrrfect!

His, not so charming, response? “My grandmother cooks better than this.”

What a cad! I fumed for months about this insult. And, needless to say he was out of my life poste-haste.

So, when I met my future husband, I decided to do the bare minimum. I wasn’t going to go through THAT again.

When he wanted to come over for dinner, I said, OK, but WE need to go to the grocery store. HE bought the items I picked out: ground beef, onion, hamburger buns, pickles, chips, catsup and mustard. HE grilled  burgers on the back deck. All I did was mix chopped onion, salt and pepper into the ground beef, make it into patties.  And for my encore, put the chips and buns into bowls.

I didn’t sweat it at all, he thought he was getting a feast (I’ve since checked bachelor food diary) we had a blast and the rest is history. We were engaged within 3 months.

What did I learn? Trying too hard simply doesn’t work. Relaxing and just being together, does.

Even today, my cooking style is less is more. I have learned how to make my own homemade pickles. They are so easy to do! And, my husband and I still go to the market together, though these days our shopping trips include the farmers market or a farm store and RealFoodMedia trusted sources.

Keith, my husband, still does the grilling and really loves my cooking now that processed foods (like chips) are off the menu!

Join our Happy Valentines Weekend Gourmet!

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  1. My latest post in REAL FOOD 101 is all about how I make sprouted flour. As I move back into eating grains after being on the GAPS diet, this is crucial to know how to properly prepare your grains for maximum absorption.


  2. I checked my archives for the most gourmet meal I had in honor of your Valentine’s Weekend Gourmet (I do not cook gourmet often). Spinach Crepes Bernoise is an amazing and nutrient dense dish. A lovely looking meal and incredibly delicious! http://realfoodforlessmoney.com/spinach-crepes-bernoise-or-the-best-crepes-ever/

  3. Thanks for hosting! I shared a Mini Warm Chocolate Cakes recipe. They are incredibly delicious! Thanks again.


  4. I’m also sharing my real food version of the heart tarts my mother-in-law has been making for 36 years for her sweetheart! In my version I use sprouted flour, whole cane sugar, and grass-fed butter. I even show you how to make the cherry pie filling!


  5. Kimberly Hartke says:

    Yummy, thanks to each of you for these wonderful recipes. Happy Sweethearts day tomorrow!

  6. Thanks for hosting!
    I shared a post about my microwave experiment, another explaining what trans fats actually are, and finally an infographic comparing the effects of carbs and fats.


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