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The Tight Knit Hershberger Family. The U.S. Government Wants to Close Their Family Farm, and End Everything They Hold Dear.

Vernon Hershberger
The tragic reality of Human Kindness

by Guest Blogger, Michael Schmidt, Glencolton Farms

Vernon Hershberger no doubt is struggling deeply with the consequences of putting his moral consciousness above fearful obedience to an unjust law.

I am not worried about Vernon. Vernon has the strength, the will and the inner moral standing to challenge authorities.

I am not worried about his family standing strong and united in the cause dear to their hearts.

I Am not worried about his farm either because we will find enough working hands to continue the day to day chores.

I am worried about the people not understanding what is really at stake.

I am worried about those who still think that pushing the like button on his support page will do.

I am worried that many will think “Vernon can do it”, he will fight for us.

I am deeply worried about the lack of understanding, the lack of unity and the lack of participation by those millions of raw milk drinkers only relying on the fighting spirit of farmers.

I am encouraged about the growing activism. But still too few are willing to pick up the cause, we keep losing farmers due to immense stress from steady prosecution.

The events on March 1, and 2, are extremely crucial for the Food Rights Movement. (see FarmFoodFreedom.org)

If we do not reach the goal of 1000 people for the rally then we have to recognize that there will be severe consequences for farmers which are currently under attack.

The attacks will increase as more and more farmers will back off because of  lack of support.

Our resolve can only be to not back off even if only 100 will show up at the rally.

It means that we farmers will have to be prepared to suffer with dignity as Vernon is currently demonstrating.

It all starts with suffering, real suffering.

Never forget it is suffering after all for the Milk of Human Kindness.

Watching with a growing concern the recent developments, I have come increasingly suspicious about the truth behind the last few outbreaks of food borne illnesses due to raw milk in the US.

I begin to see a pattern which simply does not make sense.

If I would be a fanatic bureaucrat, it would have no difficulty to contaminate milk for the purpose of increasing the much needed statistics to prove the point in favor of NO FOOD FREEDOM.

Ask yourself why not???

Bureaucrats fighting with tooth and nail and keep losing ground in the public eye. This is not anymore a fair game. This is dirty business which will likely even take lives, as a result of the much needed intentionally contaminated milk.

This is in the meantime so dirty that authorities most likely hope for dead bodies in order to put an end to Food Freedom.

Grapes of wrath and the sorrow of human kindness.

Nothing has changed.

Michael Schmidt is an Ontario farmer who has struggled for more than two decades with the Canadian government over his cow boarding program. His recent conviction on numerous criminal counts is being appealed by the Canadian Constitution Foundation.  Hartke is Online! frequently covers his case, see our Michael Schmidt articles here.

What you Can Do

Attend the Rally Friday, March 2 FarmFoodFreedom.org

Donate! Friends of Vernon Hershberger’s Grazin Acres farm, have started an online fundraising effort to provide charitable relief and help with legal expenses for the Hershberger family. Please help us spread the word of this campaign, through social media, or by email. If you have a blog or website, consider running the Pledgie button on your sidebar. Click on the button, below for more details and to donate or get the button.

Click here to lend your support to: Help Vernon Hershberger Stand Up for Private Contract Rights and make a donation at www.pledgie.com !


  1. I know in my gut that some of the recent contamination is intentional. Something was very “off” about the recent Organic Pastures issue. And with the culmination of all these ridiculous, over the top attacks and raids on raw milk and farmers, there is no doubt they have it in them to employ the dirtiest of tactics.

  2. The attack on raw milk products and the farms that produce them is understandable if you realize that working farms do not need government; government needs them. What is more foundational about human history and our physical survival than the simple fact that our food comes from the earth?Without it, we will starve. The enemies of freedom want America’s land, and America’s farmers know we are resourceful, determined, unafraid, and getting more informed, determined, and fearless with each new story. We will not be run off the land The Creator gave us for our sustenance and out of our lifefstyles because a handfull of armed bullies in teams are sent out by whoever, to intimidate us into a cowering crowd that can be loaded into a FEMA camp. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY,AND TALK AND SEND ALERTS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW WHETHER THEY DRINK RAW MILK OR NOT.


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