Medical Doctor Says Try Non-Toxic Alternatives Before Conventional Medicine


One Doctor's Perspective on our Medical Care System

Dr. James Granger has spent nearly 15 years helping patients get well. A past illness of his own, led him to a striking conclusion–that we have got it all wrong. Our sick care system has it backwards, says this courageous doctor in his new book, WE HAVE GOT IT ALL WRONG!: Our Failed “Sick-Care System”. Granger granted me an interview about his hot off the press book, and I am sharing the audiocast on my blog today, along with a link to the Amazon book store should you wish to purchase any of the books he mentions.


Dr. James Granger

Dr. Granger personally experienced the deleterious effect of toxic food additives on his own health. Can you imagine trying to perform delicate surgery with a scalpel held in a shaky hand? It could have ended his career, if he hadn’t discovered the common food ingredient that caused his symptoms.

After doing a lot of digging, he also didn’t like to see how Big Pharma is controlling so many of the options available to doctors and consumers. He even came across a scandal, or three.

This brave medical doctor is now on the road to becoming a holistic health practitioner. He claims nutrition, chiropractic and naturopathic care should be our first line of defense and allopathic (conventional) medicine our final resort!

The Doctor is In

Listen to this fascinating 30 minute interview and share it with everyone you know. Click on this link to access the broadcast:

James R Granger III MD 14 June 2012

Dr. Granger also commends this website, Mission Possible World Health International. Check it out if you have a desire to do your own research on health and wellness, and discover for yourself how in today’s health paradigm, we have gotten everything upside down and backwards.

Talk to the Doctor, Live!

Dr. Granger will be on the In Short Order show on Blog Talk Radio, this Sunday, June 24, 7-8pm EST, Call in and ask your questions of the Doc!

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  1. It is so rare for me to hear something from an MD that actually makes sense, so this post is a joy.

    Dr Granger has my admiration and respect for having the courage to tell the truth about a sick, failed medical system that often does far more harm than good, with profit being the motive. We really do have it all wrong, and Dr Granger has the courage and knowledge to explain why. The interview is well worth listening to.

    If only doctors like him were the norm, instead of the very rare exception.


  1. […] 6) As Dr. James Granger says in his new book, WE HAVE GOT IT ALL WRONG!: Our Failed “Sick-Care System”, we need to seek lifestyle changes and non-toxic alternatives before entering the conventional medical system. Click on this link to listen to my recent podcast interview with Dr. Granger. […]

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