Weekend Gourmet Blog Carnival, July 2, 2012


Farm Markets Offer Fresh, Local Food

Whew, its hot outside! If you think it’s bad, consider what someone who is growing crops or raising animals for food! Just think of our farmers and the threat this heat poses to them and their business. Mark Baker, whom I interviewed last Thursday night about the Michigan Swine ISO (click here to hear the podcast), earlier that day had a whole flock of chickens die from heat exposure. That equates to the loss of one month’s income! We ought never to take our farmers for granted, and we need to show them appreciation for all the struggles they go through to provide us good food.

Today, our blog carnival pays homage to the fresh and local foods, that make terrific ingredients in our home or restaurant cooking.

Bloggers, please share your recipes and link back to this post. Readers, you are invited to share links or recipes in the comments!

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  1. Buying from local farmers was not something I thought much about a couple of years ago, but now I have seen the light 🙂 and I realize that purchasing locally means better health for me and my family and better health for the community. The more we support them, the more they can produce!

  2. Farmageddon is a great movie. I recommend it to everyone! Beautifully done, really shows what is being done to our good farmers, while the CAFOs are untouched.

    After seeing the difference between healthy animals and the poor suffering beasts in the CAFOs, you might never eat CAFO meat again!


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