How to Make a Natural Insect Repellent


How to deter insect bites? Make your own natural insect repellent, without dangerous chemicals.

Beat Those Bugs With DIY Natural Insect Repellent!

By Guest Blogger, Neil Maycock

Depending on where you live, you might be dealing with certain types of insects. Depending on the season you find yourself in, your house might be infected with certain species of insects. Some of those insects, like mosquitoes for example, may cause deadly diseases. It becomes crucial to find a way to get rid of them.

You might think that there are already commercially produced insect repellent so it is just a matter of buying them but you need to think again. The main ingredient in artificially produced insect repellent is DEET. The chemical is known to causes eye irritation, skin rashes and it’s been linked to other neurological problems. Industrially produced insect repellent are just not environmentally friendly. So the other option is to try to produce it naturally at home. That is indeed possible.

Making a natural insect repellent that spurns bugs is as easy a preparing a salad, if not easier. You can do it using kitchen tools. They are truly effective and very affordable. It is just a matter of mixing up different essential oil. You can even mix things up on your own to see how effective they are.

Examples of natural insect repellent

Herbal insect repellent made at home can come in 3 forms: soaps, spray or lotion.

Natural insect repellent soap

When you take a bath, the smell of the soap remains on your skin. Depending on the ingredient used in the preparation of that soap, it may have properties that can repel insects. You can make your own repellent soap by adding 10 to 15 drops of essential oils like lemon balm or lavender to any naturally made liquid soap. Other reliable oils are rose geranium, and pennyroyal.

Without the soap, some essential oils can be used directly to push away insects. The concentrations may vary for each of them, so it is up to you to try and see what works for you. You don’t have to use them only on humans. Even your dogs can enjoy the benefit of rose geranium. Keep in mind that they might not like the smell so just one or 2 drops on their collars should be enough to keep the ticks away. If that doesn’t seem to be effective you can increase the dosage slightly but never exceed 15 drops.

Aside that you can always mix the essential oil with another carrier oil and apply on your own skin.

Homemade natural insect repellent for the skin

This is just one example among others. You can change the dosage the way you want. This can be used to fight ticks.

•    10-25 drops of essential oil (it can be Lavender, Peppermint, Rose, Citronella or Cajeput)
•    1 tablespoon aloe vera
•    2 tablespoons of coconut oil

Mix these ingredients in a glass jar, stir and blend them. What you get can be used on your skin as a repellant.

To protect your house you can rely on naturally made sprays
Wellness Mama Essential Oil Bug Spray
The ingredients for this are

•    Natural Witch Hazel
•    Vegetable glycerin (optional)
•    Distilled or boiled Water
•    Essential oils like rosemary, Eucaplyptus, cedar or mint

First fill a spray bottle with distilled water up to half. Then add the witch hazel until it is almost full. This is followed by a half a teaspoon of vegetable glycerin. On top of this mixture you can then add 30 to 50 drops of essential oil of your choice. The more drops you add the stronger the spray.

Bug Spray from Dried or Fresh Herbs

The ingredients you will need for this are distilled water, dried or fresh herbs and witch hazel. The dried herbs are mixed inside the distilled water. You can choose among any of the essential oil herbs you want. Boil them inside the distilled water. Leave the pot covered and allow the mixture to cool down. Once cooled you can take the strain herbs out of the remaining water and add 1 cup of witch hazel. Then you can store it in a spray bottle and use it whenever you need it.

Most natural insect repellent may have a tolerable scent to most human but the most effective ones are those who stink.

Recipe for a super strong insect repellent

This might be the best natural insect repellent to deal with areas infested by ticks but keep in mind that it really stinks when wet.

•    A bottle of Apple cider Vinegar (32 ounce)
•    A quart size glass jar with at least an airtight lid.
•    2 tablespoons of dried Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme Sage and Mint.

To mix them up put the vinegar in the glass jar with the dried herbs. Seal the jar tightly and store it at a place where you can monitor it daily. Every day take the bottle and shake it well for a while for 2 to 3 weeks. After that take the herbs out and put the water in a spray bottle. By preference keep the bottle in the fridge.

You can use the spray on your skin but make sure to dilute the water to half. It is powerful. Use it when you have a real problem with bugs.

Now you know how to make natural insect repellent! You can try any of them and modify them as you wish.


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