Fauquier County Moves to Rectify Farmer’s Rights Infringement



Martha Boneta Carries the Farm Freedom Banner for Virginia

Public Outrage and Pitchfork Protest Move County Board

by Kimberly Hartke

Good news may be on the horizon for Fauquier County Virginia farmers. The hue and cry over farmer Martha Boneta being sanctioned for hosting a child’s birthday party and other small events on her farm, has resulted in a change of direction by the Board of Supervisors.

Proposed amendments are very close to the changes in state law sought by the Boneta Bill, which stalled in the state legislature earlier this year. Farmers would be allowed expanded farm sales and some events without special permits. This is a great relief to Martha Boneta, who was denied by the board previously to even sell skeins of wool made from the animals on her farm.

There is a special hearing tonight where the proposed changes are being introduced. Kimberly Hartke will be attending to speak in favor of the proposed changes as a spokesperson for Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. Concerned citizens are invited and encouraged to attend and support the proposed changes.

See more details and proposed changes: Fauquier Farmers May Get Greater Retail Flexibility.

What You Can Do

Please attend the hearing:

Date: Thursday, August 29, 2013
Time: 6:30pm
County Planning Commission Meeting
Warren Green Building
10 Hotel Street
Warrenton, VA


Kimberly Hartke is the publicist for the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.


  1. Go Martha, Go Kimberly……….wish I could go with you, just have too much to do. Let’s hope the Fauquier County Board rules in her favor.

  2. all county government is out of control,especially out closer to the major metropolitan areas, its crazy, it’s over the top we need to rise up ,if our county government intervention toward agricultural allowances and agribusiness on Farm business enterprises continues its agenda of over the top controls ,it will put many farm families out of business, but all the time that our taxes are raised and our tax assessors continue the outlandish assessments ,and our newfound minimum requirements to do on farm business, our ability to make on farm income diminish


  1. […] of raw milk, setting up community-sourced composting systems, and whatever-the-hell-else-they-want (birthday parties are illegal, too). It is not these farmers that receive subsidies… they don’t ask for special […]

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