Take Back Your Health Conference Being Planned for October 2016


Take Back Your Health Conference is Packed with Vital Health Perspectives

Robin Shirley’s Take Back Your Health Conference is now bi-coastal. She offers it in Los Angeles and the D.C. Metro area each year. If you have never been, this is a conference designed to equip health coaches and health conscious individuals with good information on a variety of alternative health approaches. Synergistic, rather than dogmatic, there is something for everyone and many new paths to try as you seek lifestyles changes to better your health.


Robin Shirley, Founder of the Take Back Your Health Conference

Robin’s story alone is worth the price of admission. She struggled as a young woman with auto-immune issues that nearly crippled her and certainly cramped her vivacious style. Now, after exploring the many alternative health options to enact her own healing, she shares the best of what she has learned with others through her energizing conference and exhibit hall.

She usually has an interesting smorgasbord of lifestyle options, so she attracts a very diverse crowd, from Weston Price to Vegan. Instead of health hungry folks staying in their food silos, they come out and are challenged by the other food and protocol alternatives to consider.

Take Back Your Health is where I first learned about ‘re-wilding’ from Daniel Vitalis. It is where I met Dr. Charles Gant, a Functional medicine doctor doing excellent work on substance abuse. It was the scene of my first blush meeting with Paleo Wraps. I also learned from an exhibitor about resonance imaging to detect health issues (an alternative to mammograms!), a technique which doesn’t involve radiation. It was at this conference where I was first introduced to blue green algae. I also won a healing Reflexology treatment (there are loads of great door prizes), which is like a foot massage but with therapeutic benefits to the entire body. I bought some great products, too, like wildcrafted vanilla and kombucha, and numerous supplements and nontoxic body care products (definitely go prepared to shop–you will find things there that you just won’t find elsewhere).

There is always a yoga class, and various bodywork treatments available in the exhibit hall. Great food for your healthy lifestyle, also!

This year, culinary herbs, traditional foods, healthy pregnancy are on the menu! Popular Paleo speaker, Robb Wolf will share his perspective on getting your health indicators under control. Sessions on detoxing, digestive parasites, and self sabotage will definitely give you more health reclaiming changes to consider.

Please do stop by the Weston A. Price Foundation booth, and pick up our free nutrition literature about cholesterol, cancer, trans fats, infant feeding, and other important nutrition topics.

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Move Forward and RECLAIM your Birthright!

Radiant health is what we should have been born with. What gets in the way are environmental toxins, poor nutrition, and other lifestyle compromisers of good health. Don’t just accept and succumb to your diagnosis, get busy conquering your health challenges with the help of Robin and the other amazing speakers at her conference!

Visit Robin’s website and see what is offered you at the upcoming Take Back Your Health Conference, Tysons Corners Marriott, Vienna, Virginia on October 29-30, 2016.

Kimberly Hartke blogs about health and wellness at hartkeisonline.com.

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