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Can Raw Milk CSA’s Revive Artisan Dairying in America?

For those who can’t keep a family cow, a dairy CSA seems like a good alternative. Pioneers in Massachusetts find that start up farms are possible with the support of their community.

Eye Witness to Rawesome Raid Speaks

Just suppose there are people starving all over the world, and we are throwing food down the drain here in America. Just suppose.

Tears and Travails on a Grass Based Dairy Farm

Dairy farmer and a new cow have a traumatic birthing experience that binds them together, for life.

Mark McAfee Speaks to Soil Scientists and Agronomists

Scientists and Agronomists went out of their way to hear Mark McAfee Speak and to sample his raw dairy products. A convention center forbid raw dairy, so they moved their meeting across the street!

For Family Fun Tour a Raw Dairy Farm

If you are looking for a unique way to entertain your children, and teach them about our farming heritage at the same time, visit a traditional raw dairy farm. Joseph Heckman recounts a recent trip to a Pennsylvania family farm.