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Grow Your Food Freedom Events in Wisconsin

This is your chance to stand up for food rights and in defense of brave farmer, Vernon Hershberger!

Weekend Gourmet Blog Carnival, August 8, 2011

Hartke welcomes her fellow bloggers to post links to their recipes on this Monday blog carnival.

Speaker Highlights at Acres USA 2010

Stephen Scott of Terroir Seeds shares some highlights of the speakers at Acres USA 2010.

Organic Valley Raw Milk Policy Endangers Pro-Family Farm Image

Organic Valley is bullying their members into curtailing raw milk sales. This outrage will hurt many families, those that produce grassfed raw milk and those that desperately need it.

What I am Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Blogger Kimberly Hartke shares her thanksgiving for the many new and exciting food flicks, her blog contributors, commenters, and one supportive husband.