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Prison Food: The Grass-fed Model

Weston A. Price Chapter leader and Local Foods activist Susan Blasko reports on a “pasture to prison cell” program in Virginia, which teaches prisoners how to grow their own grass-fed beef.

Meet the Filmmaker Events in Washington, D.C.

Kristin Canty is a heroic woman to those who desperately need access to nutrient dense foods. This is our chance to thank her in person and celebrate with her the World Premiere of her very important film.

Washington, DC Screening Vegan Film in Environmental Film Fest

If you live in the Washington, DC area, please join me at the screening of this film, which promotes veganism. We need to speak up for traditional farming and humanely raised meat!

D.C. Metro Supermarket Chain Hosts Farmers Market

Safeway Supermarket invites local farmers to showcase their foods at one of their Northern Virginia stores. Know your farmer, know your farm friendly grocery store!

Raw Milk Symposium

The 2nd International Raw Milk Symposium is being held April 10 in Wisconsin. It is open to the public, and we especially hope that public servants will show.