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Andrea Milstein’s Raspberry Rollade with Spelt Flour

Andrea Milstein is a regular contributor to Hartke is Online! blog. Right when Andrea Milstein had pretty much exhausted all possibilities of using spelt, she had this flash-back to something her mother used to whip up during berry season.

Andrea Milstein’s Apple Galette

The idea for this galette originated with Julia Child who uses regular white flour in her dough. After a lot of trial and error and galettes galore by Andrea Milstein, she came up with the following recipe, which produces just the right crust for a rustic apple tart.

Austria and Almond Plum Cake

Native of Austria, Andrea Milstein shares a traditional recipe for Austrian Plum Cake, the perfect way to use the last of the summer fruit!

Most Googled and Oogled Blogs of 2009

The most visited blog posts about sustainable farming, raw milk and natural cures in 2009.

What I am Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Blogger Kimberly Hartke shares her thanksgiving for the many new and exciting food flicks, her blog contributors, commenters, and one supportive husband.