Why We Eat Humane

Here is a link to my guest blog on Kelly the Kitchen Kop, about how my husband and I came to make humanely raised meat and dairy products a priority.

Grass Farmer Nominated for Hero of Sustainable Agriculture Award

Stanley Fishman writes on his blog today about the soil renewal one farmer is becoming famous for, John Wood, is his name. Vote for John for sustainable hero on my blog today.

Claiming Consumer Raw Milk Rights

Kimberly Hartke reports on the recent raw milk symposium, held in the battle ground state for consumer raw milk rights, Wisconsin.

The Two Raw Milks in America

A video newsreel by Mark McAfee, which contrasts two agricultures, traditional vs. industrial and the two very different products they produce.

Pastured Hens in a Coop

Superior Nutrition Comes from Humanely Raised Animals! We went to great lengths to get farm fresh eggs this week, driving quite a distance to a farmers market. We buy nothing but pasture raised eggs these days, and often buy extra cartons for fear of running out. Today, I came across an interesting study by Mother […]